Photo: Rommel Demano

At SONA, LilaNur Parfums Is Having A Sensory Extravaganza

By Jessica Pena

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Last week, Paul Austin, co-creator of LilaNur Parfums, and a select group of scene regulars hosted a sophisticated dinner at SONA to celebrate Zafran Boisé, the newest scent from the premium fragrance industry.

Maneesh Goyal, Fern Mallis, Bibhu Mohapatra, Carole Radziwill, Mireya Rios, Jessel Taank, Renna Brown-Taher, Stephanie Nass, and many others lovingly wore bracelets made of freshly woven jasmine sambac from Southern India’s fields upon their arrival. The vibrant party gathered at the exquisitely set table after a round of saffron-infused beverages, a vibrant arrangement mimicking the flower-laden shikara boats ping the Dal Lake in the Kashmir Valley.

Photo: Rommel Demano
Photo: Rommel Demano


  • Paul Austin, the co-creator of LilaNur Parfums, hosted a posh dinner at SONA to celebrate the release of its most recent fragrance, Zafran Boisé.
  • Guests, including prominent figures like Maneesh Goyal, Fern Mallis, and Bibhu Mohapatra, adorned bracelets made of freshly woven jasmine sambac upon arrival.
  • The event featured a sensory experience with saffron-infused drinks, and attendees enjoyed the celebration at an exquisitely arranged table inspired by the flower-laden shikara boats of Dal Lake in the Kashmir Valley.
  • The gathering brought together an exclusive group of scene regulars for a vibrant and stylish celebration of the premium fragrance.

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