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Little Whale Cay: A Bahamian Retreat

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Discover the allure of Little Whale Cay, a luxurious Bahamian retreat listed for $55 million.

Key Takeaways
  • Little Whale Cay stands as an epitome of exclusive luxury in the Bahamas.
  • Despite its prominence and hefty price tag, the ownership of Little Whale Cay remains shrouded in mystery.

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Little Whale Cay is situated in the heart of the Berry Islands, Bahamas, surrounded by pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. This 93-acre private island offers a lush and secluded retreat for those seeking a getaway far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its proximity to Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, the island is easily accessible yet feels like a world of its own. Little Whale Cay’s enchanting story is intertwined with the legacy of its owner, Wallace Groves. A visionary and entrepreneur, Groves transformed the island into a paradise that reflects his passion for nature and luxury living. In the mid-20th century, Groves purchased Little Whale Cay and developed it into a personal sanctuary. He not only built charming cottages and facilities but also cultivated the island’s landscapes, making it a retreat where beauty and relaxation harmonize.

Wallace Groves’ impact on Little Whale Cay endures through the impeccable design and ambiance of the island. The cottages he constructed showcase a blend of elegance and simplicity, each with its unique character and stunning views. The island’s pristine beaches, lush gardens, and abundant wildlife are a testament to his commitment to preserving its natural beauty.

Little Whale Cay remains a private retreat available for exclusive rental. Guests have the opportunity to experience the luxury and tranquility that Wallace Groves envisioned. With three elegant villas that can accommodate up to 12 guests, the island offers an intimate escape for families, friends, or couples seeking a truly unique vacation. The estimated value of Little Whale Cay is a staggering $65 million. This valuation takes into account the island’s pristine beaches, lush landscapes, luxurious accommodations, and the exclusivity it offers. With its ideal location in the Bahamas and its reputation as a top-tier destination, the island’s value reflects its status as a coveted piece of real estate.

For those who wish to experience the opulence of Little Whale Cay, the price per night to rent the entire island varies based on the season and availability. On average, the cost ranges from $20,000 to $25,000 per night. This price includes exclusive access to the island’s accommodations, amenities, and activities, as well as personalized services provided by the dedicated staff.

Photo: Little Whale Cay

Little Whale Cay, a private island paradise in the Bahamas, is a haven of luxury and exclusivity that offers an array of exceptional amenities and services designed to create an unforgettable retreat for its discerning guests.

Secluded Accommodations: Little Whale Cay boasts three luxurious villas, each exquisitely designed and equipped with modern comforts. The island can accommodate up to 12 guests, ensuring a personalized and private experience for every visitor.

Private Beaches: Guests can indulge in the pristine beauty of three white sandy beaches, offering the perfect setting for relaxation, sunbathing, and water activities.

Water Sports and Activities: The island offers an impressive range of water sports and activities, from snorkeling and kayaking to fishing and paddle boarding . The crystal-clear waters are your playground for adventure.

Tennis and More: For those seeking on-land excitement, Little Whale Cay features a tennis court, jogging paths, and bicycles for exploration.

Infinity Pool: The infinity pool overlooking the turquoise waters is a serene oasis for relaxation and soaking up the sun.

Gourmet Dining: Indulge in gourmet dining prepared by a private chef. From local Bahamian flavors to international cuisine, every meal is a culinary delight.

Dedicated Staff: A dedicated staff, including a chef, housekeepers, and boat captains, cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless and pampered experience.

Maximum Privacy: The island offers complete privacy, making it ideal for celebrities, high-profile individuals, and anyone seeking an exclusive escape.

Event Facilities: Little Whale Cay is perfect for hosting weddings, corporate retreats, and special occasions, with facilities to accommodate various events.

Helicopter Access: The island offers helicopter access, providing a swift and luxurious arrival for guests. With all these exceptional amenities and services, Little Whale Cay offers an unparalleled experience at a rate of approximately $45,000 per night for the entire island. Little Whale Cay’s remarkable amenities and services transform this private island into a paradise of luxury and tranquility. From the lavish accommodations to the array of activities, guests are enveloped in a world of exclusivity and relaxation. Whether seeking adventure, romance, or simply a serene escape, Little Whale Cay caters to every desire.

This island not only offers pristine beaches and luxurious accommodations but also serves as an exquisite venue for a variety of events, festivals, and celebrations. Its idyllic setting and exclusive amenities make it a prime choice for creating unforgettable moments. Let’s delve into the array of occasions that can be hosted on this private island.

Weddings in Paradise: Little Whale Cay provides an intimate and picturesque backdrop for destination weddings. With its serene beaches, lush gardens, and stunning ocean views, the island offers couples the opportunity to exchange their vows in a romantic and secluded setting. The island’s facilities and experienced event planning team ensure that every detail is meticulously arranged, making the wedding day a dream come true.

Corporate Retreats and Incentives: For businesses seeking a unique setting for team-building, strategy sessions, or incentives, Little Whale Cay is an ideal choice. The island’s exclusivity and privacy create an environment conducive to productive discussions and relaxation. Corporate retreats can be tailored to include team-building activities, workshops, and presentations, all while enjoying the island’s luxurious accommodations and amenities.

Family Reunions and Milestone Celebrations: Families seeking a remarkable setting to celebrate milestones, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or family reunions, will find Little Whale Cay an enchanting destination. The island’s spacious accommodations, private beaches, and recreational facilities provide a perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories with loved ones. Personalized celebrations can be arranged to suit each family’s preferences.

Exclusive Festivals and Themed Events: Little Whale Cay can transform into an exclusive festival venue or host themed events that cater to specific interests. Whether it’s a music festival, a culinary event featuring world-class chefs, or a wellness retreat, the island’s versatile spaces and luxurious accommodations set the stage for immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Number of Guests: Little Whale Cay’s event capabilities are truly impressive. The island can accommodate up to 20 guests, making it an intimate yet expansive setting for events, festivals, and celebrations. This ensures that each guest enjoys the exclusivity and personalized attention that the island is renowned for.

Photo: Little Whale Cay

Little Whale Cay’s events, festivals, and celebrations are as diverse as they are remarkable. From weddings to corporate retreats, family gatherings to exclusive festivals, the island’s exquisite surroundings and luxurious amenities create an unparalleled backdrop for creating cherished memories. With a capacity for up to 20 guests, Little Whale Cay offers an intimate and exclusive experience that makes any occasion truly extraordinary.

Over the years, numerous high-profile individuals have graced the shores of this exclusive retreat, drawn by its pristine beauty, tranquil ambiance, and world-class amenities. Here are some of the notable celebrities who have visited Little Whale Cay

  • Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII: Little Whale Cay’s history is intertwined with royalty. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, were frequent visitors to the island. The couple enjoyed the privacy and idyllic surroundings, making the island a sanctuary away from the public eye.
  • Joan Crawford: The iconic Hollywood actress Joan Crawford also spent time on Little Whale Cay. Known for her roles in classic films, Crawford found solace and luxury on the island, indulging in the serene atmosphere and luxurious accommodations.
  • Cary Grant: Another Hollywood legend, Cary Grant, was captivated by the allure of Little Whale Cay. Grant, known for his charm and sophistication, embraced the island’s exclusivity and breathtaking views during his visits.
  • William Randolph Hearst: Media magnate William Randolph Hearst was among the island’s distinguished guests. The newspaper tycoon and his guests revealed in the island’s lavish amenities and natural beauty.
  • Babe Ruth: Even sports legends sought respite on Little Whale Cay. Babe Ruth, the iconic baseball player, enjoyed the island’s tranquil waters and stunning landscapes as a getaway from the pressures of his athletic career.
  • Sir Winston Churchill: Renowned British statesman Sir Winston Churchill also found refuge on Little Whale Cay. Churchill, known for his leadership during World War II, appreciated the island’s peaceful surroundings as a place to unwind.
  • Paul McCartney: The legendary musician Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame is another name on the list of celebrity guests. McCartney experienced the luxury and seclusion of Little Whale Cay, immersing himself in the beauty of the Bahamian paradise.
  • Princess Margaret: Adding to the list of royal visitors, Princess Margaret, the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, enjoyed the island’s exclusivity and natural beauty during her visits.
  • Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse: In more recent times, contemporary celebrities such as models Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse have visited Little Whale Cay, embracing the island’s luxury and pristine surroundings.

Little Whale Cay’s allure extends beyond its stunning landscapes and luxurious accommodations. It has attracted a roster of prominent celebrities who seek the ultimate escape from their demanding lives. With its rich history and esteemed list of guests, Little Whale Cay remains a destination of choice for those seeking a truly private and exclusive island retreat.

Looking forward, the island’s plans for the future are poised to enhance its reputation as a haven of luxury, relaxation, and refined living.

Expanding Luxury Accommodations: Little Whale Cay’s future vision involves expanding its exquisite accommodations to cater to the desires of its discerning guests. Additional luxurious villas will be meticulously designed to seamlessly blend with the island’s idyllic surroundings while offering unparalleled comfort and modern amenities. These new accommodations will provide even more choices for visitors seeking a sophisticated island getaway.

Curated Experiences and Activities: Anticipating the evolving needs of luxury travelers, Little Whale Cay’s future plans include curating a range of exclusive experiences and activities. From personalized wellness retreats and water sports adventures to gourmet dining experiences and cultural immersions, the island will offer a diverse array of tailor-made offerings. Guests can craft their ideal vacation, ensuring each moment on the island is unforgettable.

Photo: Little Whale Cay

Environmental Sustainability: Central to its future plans is Little Whale Cay’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The island will continue to implement eco-friendly practices, such as renewable energy sources, eco-conscious architecture, and conservation initiatives to preserve its pristine natural environment. This dedication to sustainability ensures that the island remains a sanctuary for generations to come.

Destination for Special Occasions: Looking ahead, Little Whale Cay envisions becoming a sought-after destination for special occasions. The island’s idyllic setting and luxurious amenities make it a prime venue for intimate weddings, exclusive celebrations, and corporate retreats. With its increased accommodations and dedicated event services, Little Whale Cay will be an ideal backdrop for creating cherished memories.

Technological Integration: While celebrating the allure of nature and seclusion, Little Whale Cay also recognizes the importance of connectivity. Future plans include integrating advanced technology within accommodations, allowing guests to seamlessly blend their digital needs with the island’s tranquility. High-speed internet and modern amenities ensure that guests can stay connected without sacrificing the island’s serene atmosphere. Little Whale Cay’s future is one of continued elegance, exclusivity, and environmental responsibility. With plans to expand accommodations, offer curated experiences, emphasize sustainability, host special occasions, and enhance technological integration, the island is poised to redefine luxury island living. As it evolves, Little Whale Cay remains dedicated to providing an unparalleled haven of relaxation, natural beauty, and sophisticated living.


Little Whale Cay offers a captivating escape that marries luxury with nature, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled relaxation and exclusivity. As guests bid farewell to this private oasis, they carry with them not only memories of opulent accommodations and breathtaking views, but also a deep appreciation for the preservation of the island’s natural splendor. Little Whale Cay’s conclusion is a reminder that true luxury extends beyond lavish amenities, encompassing a profound respect for the environment and a commitment to providing an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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Little Whale Cay: Where turquoise dreams meet tranquil shores, a Bahamian retreat that cradles the soul in nature's embrace.