Courtesy: Maserati

Maserati MSG Racing attains fourth place in the opening race of the Mexico City Formula E event.

By Antonio Perez

Experience the adrenaline as Maserati MSG Racing secures fourth place in the thrilling opening race of the Mexico City Formula E event.

Key Takeaways
  • Maserati MSG Racing achieves an impressive fourth place finish in the Mexico City Formula E event’s opening race.
  • Demonstrates the team’s competitive spirit and prowess on the electrifying streets of Mexico City.
  • Sets the stage for an exhilarating season ahead with a strong start in one of Formula E’s most challenging circuits.

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The team earns 12 points from the initial race of the 10th season of Maserati Formula E.


Maximilian Günther

Initial Practice Session One // Positioned at 21st

Initial Practice Session Two // Positioned at 2nd

Qualifying // Positioned at 5th [1:13.505, Quarter-Final Four]

Race // Positioned at 4th

Positions Improved // -1

Quickest Lap // Recorded at 1:15.209

Championship Standing // Positioned at 4th [12 points]

Jehan Daruvala

Initial Practice Session One // Positioned at 22nd

Initial Practice Session Two // Positioned at 19th

Qualifying // Positioned at 17th [1:14.649, Group A]

Race // Positioned at 16th

Positions Improved // +1

Quickest Lap // Recorded at 1:15.639

Championship Standing // Positioned at 16th [0 points]

Maserati MSG Racing

Championship Standing // Positioned at 4th [12 points]


Maserati MSG Racing began Season 10 of the FIA Formula E World Championship competitively, with driver Maximilian Günther securing fourth place at the 2024 Mexico City E-Prix.

Following a promising pre-season evaluation in Valencia toward the end of 2023, the Monaco-based team approached the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico with subdued optimism and pursued a cautious strategy throughout practice.

Initial data collection on Friday enhanced Saturday’s performance. After registering the second-quickest time in FP2, Max sustained his momentum into qualifying by setting the pace in Group B.

Courtesy: Maserati

During the Quarter-Finals, the German driver unfortunately lost to Mitch Evans, yet owing to a grid penalty imposed on the New Zealander and his Jaguar teammate, Nick Cassidy, Max progressed to third place on the starting grid.

On the other hand, teammate Jehan Daruvala qualified in 17th position as the 25-year-old continued to augment his familiarity with electric motorsport as the sole rookie in Maserati Formula E 2024 lineup.

The duo experienced a competitive initiation to the race and maintained their initial positions in the initial phase before the commencement of a Full Course Yellow and subsequent deployment of the Safety Car on lap nine, triggered by an incident involving Robin Frijns, halted the race.

Upon the restart on lap 11, Max and Jehan retained third and 17th positions. Still, Max regrettably relinquished track position to Cassidy during his ultimate activation of Attack Mode, dropping to fourth place.

Despite exploiting the 350kW power mode to its fullest extent and possessing a slight energy advantage, Max maintained pace with Cassidy but failed to overtake the Kiwi, narrowly missing out on a podium finish.

Meanwhile, Jehan concluded the race in 16th place with a late maneuver to overtake ERT’s Dan Ticktum, thereby concluding his debut in World Championship motorsport. He became only the third Indian driver in history to accomplish such a feat.

Formula E’s 10th season will progress to Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, for the inaugural double-header event of the campaign on January 26-27, 2024.

Direct Quotations

Maximilian Günther, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing

Courtesy: Maserati

“A highly commendable commencement to the season for us with a third-place qualification, fourth-place finish in the race, and accumulation of valuable points. I believe we exhibited commendable pace here. Mexico posed considerable challenges for us last year, so commencing the season with such a formidable outcome is exceedingly promising. I am elated for the entire team; they performed admirably. The vehicle felt exceptional during qualifying, and it is regrettable that we missed out on the podium due to the second Attack Mode, but we exerted maximum effort. I am genuinely satisfied with today’s fourth-place finish.”

Jehan Daruvala, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing

“I am genuinely pleased to have concluded my inaugural Formula E weekend. Today marked my maiden encounter with full-fledged race conditions, and it proved to be an immensely positive experience. My primary objective was to execute a flawless race and cross the finish line to maximize my learning. Leveraging the insights gleaned from this weekend, I aim to build upon my performance and continue my evolution in Diriyah.”

Cyril Blais, Chief Engineer, Maserati MSG Racing

“This weekend has been decidedly auspicious. Our arrival in Mexico City was informed by the lessons learned from Season 9, coupled with significant strides made during the winter. Our objective for Max was unequivocal: to commence the season on a high note and amass substantial points, an objective we unequivocally achieved today. We executed a robust, error-free race, demonstrating flawless execution. While narrowly missing the podium is disappointing, we are content with this outcome. Jehan also delivered a commendable performance today. Given the limited track time available each weekend in Formula E, the challenges are manifold for a rookie, and Jehan’s primary aim was to garner additional experience in the cockpit, deliver a flawless performance, and reach the checkered flag. He accomplished precisely that without faltering. We met our objectives, and this weekend augurs well for the remainder of the season and the forthcoming race in Diriyah.”

Giovanni Sgro, Head of Maserati Corse

“It is gratifying to be back! Season 10 commenced with a thrilling inaugural race, with Max securing fourth place and accruing our first points this year. Witnessing Jehan cross the finish line in his debut Maserati Formula E race is equally heartening. Both drivers demonstrated their complete immersion in the competition this race weekend, demonstrating unwavering focus from the outset. They performed admirably, and now our focus shifts to Saudi Arabia, where we will maintain our relentless pursuit of the podium. We are embarking on a protracted season, and we are resolute in maintaining our momentum and remaining competitive at the forefront.”

Maserati S.p.A.

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“Securing fourth place in Mexico City is a testament to our team’s determination and skill on the track.”