Courtesy: Maserati

Maserati MSG Racing orchestrates a remarkable resurgence to secure points in São Paulo.

By Antonio Perez

Witness Maserati MSG Racing’s remarkable comeback securing crucial points in São Paulo, igniting the track with their electrifying performance.

Key Takeaways
  • Maserati MSG Racing stages an impressive resurgence in São Paulo.
  • Secures vital points in a fiercely competitive race
  • Demonstrates unwavering determination and skill on the track.

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Maserati Racing:

Maximilian Günther orchestrates a remarkable comeback, overcoming a daunting 40-place grid penalty to clinch ninth place in the 2024 São Paulo E-Prix.

In Statistical Figures

Maximilian Günther

First Free Practice // Position 6

Second Free Practice // Position 15

Qualifying // Position 3 [1:13.041, Semi-Final Two]

Race // Position 9

Positions Advanced // +13

Quickest Lap // 1:15.989

Championship Standing // Position 8 [22 points]

Jehan Daruvala

First Free Practice // Position 9

Second Free Practice // Position 10

Qualifying // Position 17 [1:14.032, Group B]

Race // Position 15

Positions Advanced // +1

Quickest Lap // 1:15.967

Championship Standing // Position 21 [0 points]

Maserati MSG Racing

Championship Standing // Position 8 [22 points]


Maserati MSG Racing fiercely contends for a top 10 finish at the 2024 São Paulo E-Prix, with driver Maximilian Günther overcoming a daunting 40-place grid penalty to secure ninth place in Brazil.

The event, hosted at São Paulo iconic Sambradrome, represents the fourth installment of Formula E’s tenth season, following the series’ recent stint in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, on January 27.

Courtesy: Maserati

Max and teammate Jehan Daruvala demonstrate promising speed throughout practice sessions. However, a strategic decision to change the gearbox and inverter, aimed at unlocking performance gains, results in a substantial grid penalty for Max.

Despite this setback, the 26-year-old German delivered an admirable performance in qualifying, navigating his way from Group B to secure a provisional third-place starting position for the duel-stage Semi-Finals.

Jehan, also hailing from Group B, qualifies in 17th position but is promoted to 16th due to Max’s grid penalty. On the other hand, Max commences the race on the 22nd but is compelled to serve a 10-second stop-go penalty for failing to fulfill his complete grid demotion.

While Max serves his penalty, Jehan maintains his starting position but faces challenges in preserving energy as the race progresses.

Courtesy: Maserati

Amidst intense competition and accumulating debris, a pivotal Safety Car deployment on the seventh lap allows Max to close the gap to the leading pack after initially trailing at the rear.

When the race resumes after the eighth lap, Max embarks on a relentless charge through the field, executing an impressive series of overtakes to secure a place within the top 10.

An incident involving Nick Cassidy on the 16th lap triggers a second Safety Car intervention, again compacting the field. Racing resumes on the 19th lap, with Max continuing his offensive, targeting competitors like Stoffel Vandoorne.

Max successfully overtakes the DS Penske driver on the 24th lap and continues to push forward, subsequently setting his sights on Oliver Rowland and Jean-Eric Vergne. Max persists in his pursuit despite slipping to ninth place by the 30th lap.

With three additional laps remaining, Max makes a final attempt to overtake Vandoorne but falls short. He ultimately secures ninth place at the checkered flag, a remarkable gain of 13 positions.

After briefly trailing at the rear, Jehan also stages a commendable recovery, securing three additional positions on the final lap to claim 15th place.

Formula E’s tenth season is set to resume on March 30, 2024, with the highly anticipated debut of the Tokyo E-Prix marking the series’ inaugural race in Japan.

In Their Expressions

Maximilian Günther, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing

“Today, we achieved the improbable. Commencing from the rear of the grid with the penalty and subsequently serving the 10-second stop-go penalty posed a significant challenge, but we executed our strategy to the best of our ability. I adopted a conservative approach to conserve energy initially, and the intervention of the Safety Car proved pivotal for our race and tactical maneuvers. Subsequently, we embarked on an offensive to advance towards the front. We executed several impressive overtaking maneuvers, and I felt confident in the car, consistently making progress with commendable pace. The car demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the weekend, evident in our qualifying performance and reiterated in the race. Attaining ninth place and garnering points under such circumstances is immensely gratifying. It represents the best possible outcome following the strategic penalty and positions us favorably for the remainder of the season.”

Jehan Daruvala, Driver, Maserati MSG Racing

“Today’s race presented formidable challenges. My initial encounter with Formula E’s peloton-style racing differed from my expectations, yet it provided valuable learning experiences. After four races, I feel increasingly confident in the car, particularly during qualifying sessions. My objective now is to enhance my performance over the long run. With improvements in this aspect, we can secure points in Tokyo, where every participant faces the challenge of a new circuit.

Cyril Blais, Chief Engineer, Maserati MSG Racing

“Today witnessed the execution of an extraordinary race, leaving the entire team exhilarated. Despite the setback of the significant grid penalty incurred by Max following a strong qualifying performance, we confronted the subsequent challenges head-on. Our strategic planning, including a calculated gamble banking on a Safety Car intervention, proved instrumental. The Safety Car deployment on the seventh lap enabled Max to regain lost ground, culminating in a remarkable ascent from last place to ninth. Our execution was meticulous, with Max executing exemplary overtaking maneuvers and effectively managing temperatures. We are exceedingly pleased with the outcome, and the team’s dedication in overcoming the challenges, including the arduous task of replacing the gearbox and inverter, merits commendation. Formula E presents unique challenges, and while Jehan continues to acclimate to the series, his progress is evident with each passing weekend. While his single-lap pace is commendable, there remain areas for improvement in race conditions, which we will address as we strive for further success in Tokyo.”

Courtesy: Maserati

Giovanni Sgro, Head of Maserati Corse

“We maximized our potential this weekend despite the setback of Max starting from the rear of the grid due to the penalty. Nonetheless, he orchestrated a remarkable recovery to secure a top-ten finish, earning valuable points for the team. While it’s regrettable to encounter setbacks following an exemplary qualifying performance, such challenges are inherent to motorsport. Jehan demonstrated steady progress throughout the weekend, bearing in mind that this marks only his fourth Formula E race. His consistent competitiveness underscores our collective aspiration for optimal performance. We are pleased to return to competition, and following this event, we will resume our concerted efforts in preparation for the upcoming round in Japan.”

Maserati S.p.A.

Maserati produces a comprehensive range of distinctive automobiles renowned for their exceptional character and discerning elegance. With a blend of style, technological sophistication, and inherent exclusivity, Maserati vehicles cater to the most discerning of tastes, setting benchmarks in the global automotive landscape. A legacy of successful models continually redefines the quintessence of Italian sports cars, characterized by their design, performance, comfort, elegance, and safety features. Presently available in over 70 international markets, the Maserati lineup comprises the Levante – the inaugural SUV offering from Maserati, the Grecale – an SUV embodying everyday exceptionalism, and the GranTurismo – an iconic Italian grand tourer. These models are distinguished by their utilization of premium materials and innovative technical solutions. The lineup includes models equipped with 4-cylinder hybrid powertrains, such as the Grecale and Levante, alongside V6 petrol variants, available in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive configurations, reflecting the performance DNA inherent in the Trident Brand. The pinnacle of the range comprises the MC20 super sports car and the MC20 Cielo spyder, featuring the revolutionary 100% Maserati Nettuno V6 engine, incorporating Formula 1-derived technologies into a standard production vehicle for the first time.

Additionally, the new GranTurismo offers high-performance V6 petrol and fully electric variants, exemplified by the GranTurismo Folgore, marking the Modena-based brand’s foray into electrification. The electric range is further expanded with the introduction of the Grecale Folgore, Maserati’s maiden fully electric SUV. By 2025, all Maserati models will offer fully electric variants, with the entire Maserati lineup transitioning to electric propulsion by 2028.

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“Our team’s resilience and dedication shone through today, propelling us to a fantastic result in São Paulo.”