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9 Finest Fragrance Themed Tea Services

By Ruth Perez

Themed tea is a rising luxury trend. Sipping a luxury tea with a variety of flavored aromas is a novel way to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

Tea is one of the most common drinks consumed worldwide, but as interest in fine dining continues to rise, tea service increasingly reflects this trend. While there are many ways to enjoy a cup of tea, it is an age-old tradition that has been commoditized and simplified over time. Distilling this ritual into its essence and adding new luxury elements gives consumers a more memorable and sensory experience.

Fragrance can evoke powerful memories and emotions from childhood memories such as waking up on Christmas morning or eating Grandma’s apple pie, to romantic moments shared with a loved one. Capturing these emotional triggers can traditional aspects such as high teas and make them a more memorable and pleasurable experience for consumers of all ages.

There are countless ways to enjoy a cup of tea, but the traditional ritual has been simplified over time. As interest in fine dining continues to rise, tea service becomes increasingly elevated by using unique aromas that reflect this trend. A new luxury element can give consumers an unforgettable sensory experience. The fragrance is one example that can trigger powerful memories and emotions linked to cherished moments like the holidays or falling in love. Capturing these emotional triggers can turn mundane aspects such as afternoon high teas into better-tasting experiences for customers of any age.

Although there are many ways to enjoy a cup of tea, it remains an age-old tradition that has been common but commoditized over time. Distilling this ritual into its essence gives consumers a more memorable and sensory experience.

Imagine, the leaves of tea slowly transforming to full bloom in front of your eyes. This is an opportunity for you to observe and explore how different varieties of tea flower in various ways with slightly different methods.

Discovering the different aromas of the tea leaves with an array of flowers, fruit or spices is a sensory experience that will bring your senses to life.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this moment.

Scented teas are popular among many people, but it’s not always possible for all types of consumers to try them due to issues of inaccessibility. For example, some Chinese teas can’t be infused in water because they are made from compressed loose leaf material that would break apart when soaked in liquid. When combined with milk, however, they infuse perfectly, creating a tasty beverage with a creamy sweetness and subtle notes.

Below are 9 exquisite fragrant teas and services that will help make this High Tea experience more memorable to customers of all ages.

1. Le Luminarium

Cheesecake | Image Source – Le Luminarium, Facebook

Tea and Tarts by Le Luminarium – a tea salon in Lyon, France that specializes in aromatic teas with a focus on floral flavors. The tea service includes an assortment of tastes aux roses from their team patissier followed by a hearty pot of tea.

In addition to the beauty of the presentation, customers can enjoy the light tastes of rose-infused into layers upon layers of buttery pastry goodness. The flowers used are primarily organic roses from Provence, which add an extra oomph of freshness! The staff at Les Sens des Fleurs is also very friendly and makes guests feel welcome during this relaxing afternoon.

2. London, England: Rose Tea at Berber & Q

Date Pudding | Image Source – Berber-Q

Tea lovers will enjoy this fragrant rose infusion that’s infused with pink rose petals, giving the drink subtle notes of sweet candy while also adding an aesthetic pop to the beverage. The staff at Berber & Q are especially knowledgeable about their menu and able to bring out new flavors not often found in other establishments around London.

3. Chicago, Illinois: Rose Infused Milk Tea at Lollicup

Black Tea at Lollicup | Image Source – Lollicup

Lollicup offers a unique take on the traditional rose milk tea by infusing rose petals in their signature black and green teas, creating an aromatic and fragrant beverage that customers can enjoy any time of day. The owner of Lollicup was inspired to design this drink after noticing how well tea goes with roses, integrating them into the beverage just like fine dining establishments do for items such as chocolate or desserts. What is available: rosé infused milk tea. Services offered: iced teas, hot teas, and other beverages.

4. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The Rose Petal High Tea at Raffles Salon

Fresh Bakes | Image Source – Raffles Salon

Raffles Salon is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy a multi-course meal with food influenced by international cuisine, including traditional patisseries and fresh bakes, along with top-notch traditional high tea that features scones, finger sandwiches, and desserts infused with rose petals throughout.

What is available: high tea set with teas and optional upgrade to include bottomless champagne or wine by the glass. Services offered: high tea set plus bottomless champagne or wine option.

5. Los Angeles, Rose and Blanc Tea Room

Delectables in the Tea Room | Image Source – Rose and Blanc Images

The delicate and sweet taste of rose petals is perfect as a light beverage during the afternoon. Rose and Blanc Tea Room offers a unique twist on traditional tea by infusing organic, locally sourced honeybush tea with fresh roses. The addition of real fruit pieces makes it even more refreshing and pairs nicely with the organic milk they use to create a healthier alternative than many other places in Los Angeles. What is available: organic rose milk tea. Services offered: teas and refreshments.

6. New York City, New York: Prince Tea House

Assortments at The Tea House – Prince Tea House, Facebook

Prince Te House has become popular among locals for its variety of teas infused with organic flavors inspired by customers’ requests. Their refreshing rose-scented option is made with fresh roses, and blended into a creamy milk base to give it a sweeter taste compared to other floral drinks.

What is available: Teas in rose flavor. Services offered: ice cream bars.

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Rose Honey Tea at Tea Yard’s Tea

Tempting Tea at the Tea Yard | Image Source – Tea Yard

Yard’s Tea offers an unforgettable dining experience that begins with customizable loose leaf tea served out of Steampunk teapots followed by tasty open-faced sandwiches on house-baked bread along with their famous scones! The staff is also able to bring out the unique flavors of this fragrant rose honey infusion, which adds an element of sweetness to an already sweet tea. What is available: Rose Honey Tea. Services offered: upscale teas and snacks.

8. San Francisco, California: Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon

At Crown and Crumpet Cafe | Image Source – Crown and Crumpet, Facebook

Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon offers unique desserts that are perfect for Instagram! One of their most popular traditional tea, which comes in a variety of flavors including rose milk tea with pastries, hot chocolates with sandwiches, and crunchy scones with jam! The rose syrup that they use also pairs perfectly with their signature toast cubes made from local pastries served during breakfast hours.

9. Thailand: Chan and Yupa Tea Room

Chan and Yupa Tea Room | Image Source – Chan and Yupa, Facebook

Chan and Yupa is a popular restaurant chain in Thailand. Their desserts menu includes rose-flavored treats that can be served as drinks or even ice creams! The syrup used to flavor these dishes comes from the essence of fresh roses, creating a unique taste that is both sweet and aromatic.

What is available: a variety of rose-infused desserts (served as drinks/ice cream) with plating options. Services offered: refreshing beverages and ice cream dishes.

Hope this article was helpful in finding your next favorite place to enjoy some amazing tea preparations infused with delicious roses!

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