Best Afternoon Tea Spots in London

6 Breathtaking and Luxury Afternoon Tea Spots in London for Anyone

By Ruth Perez

Afternoon Tea is an ideal mood fixer. However, the secret behind this afternoon teas in London runs back to the golden age. The Duchess of Bedford may have been the first to indulge in afternoon tea but it has grown into an international tradition. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this British ritual, from carefully considered nibbles and cocktails to a shared, celebratory space that is an event in itself.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your palate with some decidedly delicious teas, here is a list of all the luxury tea spots in London to enjoy an afternoon tea. 

6 Great Afternoon Tea Spots in London

1. Ashridge House, Hertfordshire

Ashridge House Tea Spot | Image Courtesy – Ashridge House Images

On a winding path, fringed by cascading trees that lean into the road from either side sit Ashridge House. Once home to King Henry VIII and his daughter Princess Elizabeth I; this building with its archways, was declared as one of England’s National Trust!.

The grandeur of Ashridge is notched in the afternoon tea service, which offers a more humble affair than one might expect. The string of rooms off the nondescript corridor are home to no real signs identifying it as royalty or decadence; instead, there’s only an elegant piano and some flowered curtains that don’t give away too much about what awaits within this seemingly simple space for music appreciation sessions – nothing imposing at all!

This isn’t your typical afternoon tea. Think of it more like a meal in itself, with the sandwich filling being just one component to complete. The menu is long and varied enough for any appetite – there are always options available no matter what kind of occasion you have scheduled! Some favorites include smoked salmon & cream cheese; roast beef with horseradish sauce (noted by many guests on their visit cards); chicken salad wrapped up tight between two slices of ‘brown’ bread including celery sticks spearing out. 

This is a great spot if you’re looking for an escape from busy city life or an entire day of activities. If your name isn’t on their list, it might be worth reserving in advance because afternoon tea sessions tend to get booked up quickly at Ashridge Estate.

2. Dalloway Terrace, The Bloomsbury Hotel

Afternoon Tea
Dalloway Terrace | Image Courtesy – The Dalloway Terrace

The Bloomsbury Hotel’s terrace has been getting a makeover every other month to keep up with the changing seasons. In winter, it is cozier and dark while in springtime guests can enjoy the light as well as elegant space that reminds them of Italy’s Amalfi Coast – where this hotel gets its name from!

Guests can enjoy sipping on one of their signature drinks – all whilst enjoying flowers blooming from colorful gardens inside your glass! 

For summertime, however; customers will be treated to an Amalfi Coast-inspired look complete by sunny stripes across black & white striped tent cloths that make up full-bodied green leaves resting against deep blue skies overhead. 

While the views are beautiful, it is difficult to compete with this delicately decorated tea stand. You could taste all their sweet offerings from white chocolate and truffles filled with Ginsu tonic or citrus flavors for your refreshment on a hot summer day in Positano though!

3. Anya Cafe, Chelsea

Anya Cafe | Image Courtesy – Anya Cafe

While the views are beautiful, it is difficult to compete with this delicately decorated tea stand. You could taste all their sweet offerings from white chocolate and truffles filled with Ginsu tonic or citrus flavors for your refreshment on a hot summer day in Positano though!

With an impeccable selection of baked goods and delectable desserts, this coffee bar is the perfect place to get your sugar fix. The staff is decked out in suits that make it feel like you’ve stepped back into a Fifties era diner or tea room!

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, look no further than this coffee shop. They’ve got everything your heart desires! 

4. The Wolseley

Afternoon Tea
The Wolseley | Image Courtesy – Pinterest

The Wolseley is a Mayfair staple and one of the most famous hotels in London. With its lavish breakfasts, opulent decor, and dark and cream tiles it’s no wonder why this hotel topped our list for best brunch! Head through that velvet curtain on any afternoon to find groups dressed smartly enjoying their luxury food or luxurious time away from work.

The afternoon tea menu is a delicious smorgasbord for your taste buds. From the classics to vegetarian selections like avocado, cucumber topped off by one of our favorite items on this list – celery cream cheese served up in a variety of bread including sundried tomato or traditional white!

The Wolseley’s afternoon tea is like no other. The experience starts with the bread and butter, which are served in their dishes; not just thrown onto one plate for all to share but remaining warm! You’ll feel comfortable right away when greeted by your server who will guide you through this delicious affair while also taking care of any requests or special dietary needs that might arise throughout the time together–from sweet treats off trays lined up at every turn (including anyone’s favorite: macaron!)…to hot drinks ready upon request alongside perfectly crisp sandwiches on brown cheddar buns made fresh daily just down the street at the restaurant’s bakery!

5. The Orangery, Kensington Palace

The Orangery | Image Courtesy – The Orangery Tea Room

You don’t have to travel across the pond or out of the city limits to get your tea on – just get yourself over to The Orangery inside Kensington Palace. A royal haunt for centuries, this beautiful location is the perfect blend between tradition and modern luxury. Guests can enjoy their drinks with views of ancient trees that are hundreds of years old while being served up dishes from the likes of Cipriani, an Italian institution in itself! The menu is filled with an array of pastries from champagne strawberries & tuiles filled with cream cheese and raspberry jam to classic scones spread with cl cream and preserves! This place is as regal as it gets!

6. The Promenade at The Peninsula London

Afternoon Tea
The Promenade | Image Courtesy – Youtube

Not only does The Peninsula London have a rooftop pool and patio shared with The Bel-Air Hotel, but it also has an afternoon tea service. Clocking in at $58 per person, the Royal Afternoon Tea is incredibly opulent and includes drinks like tea or coffee served up with finger sandwiches filled with cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon on black bread, deviled eggs (cooked to perfection), and finger desserts like mini chocolate truffles topped off by one of our favorite items on this list – macaron! Add unlimited Champagne for an extra cost and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

With views of Central Park and elegant decor that will make you feel like royalty; we suggest stopping here after a day of shopping in the city. This hotel is a haven of its own and offers a peaceful retreat from all of the hustle and bustle going on outside. The drinks here are delicious but small so you can choose to order up one or two before heading out for a little more fun!

Try out one of the above tea spots in London and love these quiet, luxurious events filled with good eats & lots of tea.

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