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8 Best Luxury Spas Around The Globe

By Ruth Perez

Unwind and Indulge: Discover the 8 Best Luxury Spas Around the Globe

Key Takeaways
  • Luxury spas offer unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation experiences.
  • World-class facilities, skilled therapists, and breathtaking surroundings enhance the spa experience.

Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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Luxury spas are sure to tune up your body and soothe your mind. And we’ve rounded up the best of the best for this roundup of our top 8 luxury retreats around the world.

If you’ve got a free week to travel, consider booking one of these destinations, all complete with several, or multi-night stays at renowned spas offering treatments that are both medically sound and mystical, plus gorgeous destination amenities like yoga studios, luxurious dining, and killer views. We know you can’t take time off from life’s many deadlines this minute. So consider an overnight stay instead…or plan that post-vacation trip to Tahiti or NYC after your deluxe 24-hour staycation is over!

Below are some of the best spas around the world.

1. Alila Villas Uluwatu, Jimbaran Bali | Indonesia

Alila Hotel | Image Source – Alila Hotels

This seaside resort is the perfect antidote to city life: Think organic-chic décor accented with sea turtle sculptures, luxurious villas with private pools overlooking lagoons and rice fields, and fresh-prepared meals.

The resort’s spa offers a wide range of rejuvenating treatments such as the Bali Bliss (a body scrub with coconut, cinnamon, and clove oils) and The Sanctuary (an hour-long treatment that includes Bali Bliss plus a cleansing ritual). Other standouts include the powerful Kria Indoa Anti-Aging Pedicure that uses plant stem cells and vitamin C to stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and static flyaways. Aromatherapy massages rely on Clary Sage oil to help detoxify skin while revitalizing muscular tension, while Abhyanga Ayurvedic treatments use detoxifying ginger essential oils for deep relaxation.

2. La Reserve Geneve | Switzerland

La Reserve Geneve | Image Source – La Reserve Geneve Hotel

Just steps away from Geneva’s Old Town, this European spa is known for its use of essential oils and aromatic plants.

Complexions are refreshed with de maquillage, essentially cleanses that remove impurity without harsh chemicals or ultrasonic treatments. Among the most popular options are gentle Rose Demaquillage (with organic rose oil) to calm redness and sensitive Skin Demaquillage (with lemon balm) to renew tired-looking skin. A thermal salt scrub helps stimulate circulation, banish fatigue, and detoxify while an ayurvedic massage works out tight muscles and knots with ginger oil. The Vitalisant Regard serum combines apricot kernel oil with antioxidant-rich buckthorn for a boost of moisture to the skin, while lemongrass and grapefruit oils help tighten sagging skin.

Massages range from the fruit-scented Caresse d’Abricot (to tone) to Roque de Rosée (heavy on citrusy grapefruit oil for an energizing massage that helps balance sebum production).

3. Villa Stephanie | Germany

Villa Stephenie Spa | Image Source – Oetker Collection

Located between the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps, this luxury hotel is perched on a hillside.

The spa has seven treatment rooms (plus one for couples) that blend modern techniques with centuries-old traditions. Try the revitalizing Herb Ritual (which includes an invigorating massage with herb butter and hot stone therapy). Or enjoy a private session of Dorn Breuss Massage—a deep tissue treatment that uses gentle pressure from a wooden rod to help release muscular tension in the back, arms, legs, and neck. The healthy spa menu includes healthy eats such as Caesar salad topped with smoked salmon or pumpkin soup made from local produce harvested from nearby fields.

For those who prefer to sit back relax while enjoying their treatments, book an Intuition massage, which uses muscle-relaxing essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree.

4. Hammam Dar Beya | Morocco

Hammam Dar Beya | Image Source – Riad DAr El Kebira

Less than three hours from Casablanca lies a former palace with soaring ceilings and ornate mosaics built in the 1930s. The owner converted the space into a sprawling day spa with six private suites and two shared baths (one for men and one for women), each adorned with handmade tiles imported from Iran and Afghanistan.

After cleansing with warm water infused with mint, cedar, thyme, lavender, or orange blossoms; guests ease their muscles with Amlou Balm—a traditional Moroccan massage that combines argan oil (rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids) with almonds, sesame seeds, and honey.

5. Borgo Egnazia | Italy

Vair Spa | Image Source – Borgo Egnazia

Situated in Apulia, one of Italy’s most ancient regions, this resort is located on a sprawling estate surrounded by olive groves.

The 19-room spa; Europe’s largest, includes three indoor pools with roman steps, steam baths, and Turkish baths fed by hot springs that are believed to have therapeutic properties. Try the restorative Mud Therapy treatment (a mixture of mud from local deposits and thermal water) which helps ease muscle strain by stimulating blood flow while natural nutrients infuse skin with antioxidants.

Golfers can opt for an Energy Massage followed by an Oxygenating Facial to banish fatigue after around. Spa cuisine focuses on freshness and healthful Mediterranean ingredients including locally grown vegetables and certified organic products.

6. Chable Resort | Mexico

Wellness Spa | Image Source – Chable Resort

The luxury resort sits on a 30-acre nature reserve with five freshwater lagoons, six river mouths, and miles of coastline.

After cleansing in the Roman baths, relax with one of three massage techniques available at Chable’s Los Azufrales Spa—a two-level space that includes an outdoor courtyard where guests can enjoy ocean breezes while getting pampered with treatments developed by medical professionals. The signature therapy is Azufre—a blend of volcanic muds from Popocatepetl and San Martin which have been used in prehispanic civilizations for over 12,000 years to soothe muscles.

7. Aro-Ha | New Zealand

Wellness Retreat | Image Source – Aroha Images

The world-famous retreat is located on a working farm (Aro-Ha means “to flow” in Maori). Guests visit the spa to recharge after hiking and kayaking nearby Queenstown, an adventure playground nestled between two mountain ranges.

The secluded 10,000 square foot space includes nine treatment rooms where therapists concoct exclusive recipes using locally harvested botanicals such as manuka honey and native ferns. The Aqua Massage blends water with essential oils for a luxurious soothing experience. For an extra dose of pampering book the Cucumber facial—a glycolic scrub made from local produce that leaves skin clear and glowing.

8. Six Senses Douro Valley | Portugal

Wellness Spa | Image Source – SixSenses Hotels

Experience days of old when monks would retreat to the area’s sanctuaries. Located in the countryside along Portugal’s Douro River, guests can indulge in an hour-long treatment or spend a day treating themselves at this luxury resort which includes six suites with fireplaces and steam rooms.

Treatments are personalized based on physical responses to biomarkers collected by wellness programs that assess factors such as metabolism, body composition, stress levels, and energy levels. The Wine Spa program uses grapes grown on the property to create therapeutic elixirs that help detoxify muscles for ultimate relaxation. Guests can enjoy treatments using scents derived from local wines including Sauvignon Blanc—known for its calming effects—and red wine known for its exfoliating properties that leave skin soft and smooth.

Enjoy a vacation like no other with these top 10 luxury spas around the globe.

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Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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Luxury spas provide a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul, offering an oasis of tranquility amidst the chaos of modern life.