Best Castle Hotels in England

8 Amazing Castle Hotels England Has to Offer

By Ruth Perez

England is popular for some of the world’s greatest castle hotels today. Whether you’re looking to spend a night in one, or simply want to visit and take photos, there are many castles for rent that will fit your every need.

This article will look into 8 amazing castles in England you can rent for your next vacation.

1. Amberly Castle – Sussex

Image Source – Amberly Castle Hotels

Spread across 12 acres, and overlooking the River Arun and South Downs, is Amberley Castle. This 14th-century castle provides a barrier of charm and tradition that any tourist would be envious of. One such tourist was Queen Victoria who stayed in 1842 when she agreed to buy the castle from its owner, William Knight (it had once been owned by his family before him).

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2. Langley Castle – Northumberland

Image Source – Langley Castle Hotel

With thick walls that run 7 feet tall, the castle is rumored to have been visited by notables such as Henry V, Richard III and Willliam Shakespeare. Today the castle is a popular choice for film locations, including Age of Ultron and Outlaw King.

Moreover, the castle is also a popular choice for weddings, offering a grand dining hall and a large chapel. To reserve your place please click here.

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3. Pentillie Castle – Cornwall

Image Source – Pentillie Castle Hotel

Belonging to the 17th century, the castle is at the heart of Cornwall. The amazing castle is now a major tourist attraction, with the castle being available for weddings, corporate events, or simply a stay. Further, the castle consists of well-decorated rooms and thoughtful antiques. The breathtaking sight of the drawing-room with the piano is a must-see on a visit to the castle. Enjoy a countryside break by staying in this castle. To reserve your stay at Pentillie Castle please click here.

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4. Bovey Castle – Devon

Image Source – Bovey Castle Hotel

With an abundance of interesting architecture as mahogany staircases and mullion windows, the castle is a great place to spend a holiday or a few days away. The castle was built in the early 1800s and is made up of modern and Victorian architecture. Today the castle is full of activities inclusive of a heated pool and golf.

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5. Peckforton Castle – Cheshire

Image Source – peckfortoncastle (IG)

The 1800s castle is quite the catchy choice for weddings. A large party of 500 can fit into the castle at any given time. The Normal style, however, has been preserved in the design of the castle which is more commonly known for its extravagant interiors and romantic settings. Popular for being the backdrop for the high-profile wedding of singer Ciara and football legend Russell, the castle is a popular choice for celebrities and socialites. With 48 rooms, the hotel welcomes its guests with a hearty English breakfast.

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6. Warwick Castle – Warwickshire

Image Source – Warwick Castle Hotels

The castle stands with pride as it holds military architecture from the 14th century. With the remains of this touch, the castle is now open for bookings to tourists. Enjoy a night or two in a woodland cottage, set near the lake. You can also spend a night in a tent at Knight’s Village.

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7. Lumley Castle – Durham

Image Source – Lumley Castle Hotel

A castle is a form of beauty. Built in the 1400s, it has been recognized for its excellent architecture and lavish interiors. The room retains its medieval style with a touch of modernity. The castle was a popular choice for a backdrop in the historical series, Wolf Hall, and also for the set of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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8. Augill Castle – Cumbria

Image Source – Augill Castle Hotel

The castle is a stunning example of Scottish Baronial architecture. With over 40 rooms, the castle has been recognized as one of the most popular choices for weddings in England. Moreover, the castle is only a short drive from the Lake District and so enjoy a countryside break, by staying at this spectacular castle.

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To conclude with, the above are some amazing castle hotels England has to offer. They are perfect for weddings, hosting parties, or simply a staycation. This list is by no means exhaustive as you can find many more castles on the English market. So pack your bags and stay in luxury, at some amazing castles across England.

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