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Emo Island: An Irish Coastal Escape

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Explore Emo Island, an enchanting Irish coastal escape listed for €7.5 million, and owned by Dermot Desmond.

Key Takeaways
  • Emo Island,nestled along the picturesque Irish coastline, offers a serene and exclusive escape for those seeking a tranquil retreat amidst stunning natural beauty.
  • With its listing price of €7.5 million and owned by Dermot Desmond, the island presents a unique opportunity for discerning buyers to own a piece of Irish coastal paradise and immerse themselves in the rich history and allure of this enchanting destination.

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Nestled along the stunning Irish coastline, Emo Island is a gem that combines natural beauty, rich history, and a sense of tranquility. With a price tag of €7.5 million and owned by Dermot Desmond, this idyllic retreat offers a unique opportunity to experience the enchanting charm of Ireland’s coastal landscapes while indulging in the comforts of a luxurious escape.

Emo Island, situated in County Laois along the captivating Irish coastline, exudes a timeless allure that seamlessly blends nature’s beauty with historical elegance. Spanning around 120 acres, this private island rests within the serene waters of the River Barrow, offering a unique and immersive experience for those seeking an Irish coastal retreat.

Embraced by the tranquility of the River Barrow, Emo Island is a sanctuary of natural splendor and historic significance. Its proximity to the iconic Emo Court adds a touch of regal charm to its surroundings. The estate, once owned by the Earls of Portarlington, showcases neoclassical architecture and stunning gardens that evoke a sense of refined grandeur.

With lush gardens, woodlands, and captivating waterways, Emo Island’s landscape is a harmonious fusion of man-made beauty and unspoiled nature. The island’s historical significance is enhanced by its adjacency to the impressive Emo Court, a striking mansion that stands as a testament to Irish architectural heritage.

Dermot Desmond, the accomplished businessman and philanthropist, recognized the island’s potential and acquired it with a vision to preserve its natural charm while offering a luxurious escape. Emo Island reflects Desmond’s appreciation for Irish culture, history, and the beauty of the natural world. His ownership breathes new life into the island, ensuring its legacy as a captivating destination that captures the essence of Ireland’s coastal allure.

Emo Island’s location along the River Barrow provides more than just stunning views; it offers direct access to the water, enabling guests to embark on boating adventures, fishing excursions, and leisurely cruises along the river’s meandering path. The island’s proximity to the charming town of Portlaoise enhances the experience, offering cultural exploration and an array of amenities just a stone’s throw away.

Emo Island’s location along the River Barrow in County Laois, Ireland, encapsulates the essence of an Irish coastal escape. Its adjacency to the historic Emo Court, lush gardens, and serene waterways creates a harmonious blend of natural beauty and historic elegance. Under the ownership of Dermot Desmond, the island’s allure is enhanced, providing a haven where guests can embrace the tranquil charm of Ireland’s coastal landscapes.

Emo Island’s ownership by Dermot Desmond reflects his deep appreciation for both the Irish countryside and its historical significance. Desmond, a prominent businessman and philanthropist, is renowned for his passion for preserving heritage and creating exceptional experiences. His ownership of Emo Island is an embodiment of his commitment to offering guests a unique haven that harmonizes with nature and history.

Dermot Desmond’s vision for Emo Island revolves around preserving its natural beauty and historical heritage while infusing it with modern luxury. He aims to provide guests with an experience that transcends mere accommodation, inviting them to immerse themselves in the island’s tranquil ambiance and discover its unique character. Desmond’s vision extends beyond the physical surroundings; it encompasses creating a space where guests can escape the noise of everyday life and find solace amidst the Irish coastal landscape.

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Emo Island’s landscape exudes a sense of timelessness, with its expansive gardens, woodlands, and waterfront views. Desmond’s vision centers on maintaining this harmony between nature and elegance, allowing guests to unwind in a setting that feels both opulent and untouched by time. The island’s lush gardens and serene riverfront are emblematic of Desmond’s commitment to offering a tranquil sanctuary.

Adjacent to Emo Island lies the historic Emo Court, a neoclassical mansion surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens. Dermot Desmond’s vision involves celebrating this cultural treasure, allowing guests to immerse themselves in its history and architectural grandeur. Emo Court becomes an extension of the island’s allure, showcasing Ireland’s rich heritage.

Desmond’s ownership of Emo Island aligns with his broader dedication to preserving Irish heritage and culture. Through the island, he seeks to offer a glimpse into Ireland’s natural beauty, architectural marvels, and the timeless allure of its coastal landscapes.

Emo Island, under the ownership of Dermot Desmond, is a testament to the harmonious interplay between history, natural beauty, and modern luxury. Desmond’s vision for the island reflects his commitment to offering guests an enchanting escape that encapsulates the very essence of Ireland’s coastal charm. As the island continues to evolve, it stands as a testament to his dedication to preserving heritage and creating a space where tranquility, elegance, and nature converge.

Nestled along the stunning Irish coastline, Emo Island offers a unique and enchanting retreat that combines natural beauty, history, and modern luxury. Owned by Dermot Desmond and listed for €7.5 million, the island’s amenities and features are carefully curated to provide guests with an immersive and rejuvenating experience.

Emo Island boasts a collection of elegant residences that seamlessly blend traditional Irish architecture with modern comforts. Each residence offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and waterways, providing guests with a serene and picturesque backdrop.

The island’s meticulously landscaped gardens are a highlight of its allure. Reflecting a harmonious balance between nature and human artistry, these gardens provide guests with a peaceful setting for leisurely walks, contemplation, and enjoying the beauty of native flora.

Situated along the River Barrow, Emo Island offers direct access to the water. Guests can embark on leisurely boat rides, fishing excursions, or simply relax by the riverbanks, taking in the tranquil ambiance and scenic views.

The woodlands of Emo Island are crisscrossed with nature trails that allow guests to explore the island’s diverse ecosystem. These trails provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the surroundings, observing native wildlife and enjoying the serenity of the outdoors.

Adjacent to the island lies the historic Emo Court, a neoclassical mansion surrounded by splendid gardens. Guests can enjoy guided tours of this architectural masterpiece, learning about its rich history and the lives of those who once inhabited it.

Emo Island’s proximity to the charming town of Portlaoise offers guests opportunities for cultural exploration, shopping, and dining. Additionally, golf enthusiasts can indulge in rounds of golf at nearby courses, combining leisure with scenic vistas.

One of the island’s most prized amenities is the privacy and seclusion it offers. Emo Island ensures that guests can fully escape the demands of everyday life and immerse themselves in a tranquil and private environment.

Emo Island, under the ownership of Dermot Desmond, stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of history, nature, and luxury. Its carefully curated amenities and features create a seamless fusion of elegance and serenity, offering guests an authentic Irish coastal escape. From the elegant residences and historic gardens to waterfront access and cultural activities, every element of Emo Island is designed to provide a rejuvenating and unforgettable experience in the heart of Ireland’s breathtaking landscape.

Emo Island, nestled along the enchanting Irish coastline, offers more than just natural beauty and luxurious retreats. With its deep-rooted connection to Irish culture and heritage, the island hosts a variety of festivals and celebrations that bring its landscape to life and provide guests with memorable experiences.

Throughout the year, Emo Island comes alive with cultural festivals that showcase the rich tapestry of Irish traditions. From lively music performances to captivating dance displays, these festivals offer guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the heartwarming spirit of Ireland.

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Traditional Irish Music Festival: Emo Island hosts an annual traditional Irish music festival, where local musicians and visiting artists come together to fill the air with the soulful melodies of fiddles, flutes, and bodhráns. Guests can enjoy toe-tapping tunes and even join in the revelry with traditional Irish dance.

Literary and Arts Gatherings: The island’s tranquil surroundings provide an inspiring backdrop for literary and arts festivals. Visitors can participate in workshops, listen to poetry readings, and admire local artworks that capture the essence of Irish culture.

Emo Island embraces the changing seasons with celebrations that reflect the island’s natural beauty and the warmth of its community.

Spring Garden Festival: As spring blooms across the island, Emo hosts a vibrant garden festival. Guests can explore the island’s meticulously maintained gardens, attend horticultural talks, and revel in the beauty of blossoming flora.

Summer Solstice Celebrations: During the longest day of the year, Emo Island welcomes the summer solstice with joyous festivities. The island’s residents and visitors gather to celebrate the sun’s return with music, dance, and communal feasts.

Harvest Festival: Emo Island’s bountiful gardens yield an abundance of fresh produce in the autumn. The harvest festival is a time to celebrate nature’s bounty with farm-to-table feasts, culinary demonstrations, and seasonal delights.

Winter Retreats: As winter blankets the island with a serene calm, Emo becomes a haven for cozy gatherings. Guests can enjoy fireside storytelling, traditional Irish comfort food, and moments of reflection against the backdrop of the island’s serene landscapes.

Emo Island’s festivals and celebrations foster a sense of community and camaraderie among guests and locals alike. These events create opportunities for cultural exchange, connection, and the sharing of Irish traditions that have been cherished for generations.

Emo Island, with its Irish coastal charm and dedication to preserving cultural heritage, invites guests to partake in a calendar of festivals and celebrations that reflect the vibrant spirit of Ireland. From traditional music festivals to seasonal gatherings, the island’s events create a dynamic and enriching experience for visitors, making Emo Island not only a luxurious coastal escape but also a cultural destination where guests can immerse themselves in the heartwarming traditions of Ireland.

Emo Island, nestled along the picturesque Irish coastline, is a haven that embodies the beauty of nature and the allure of history. Owned by Dermot Desmond, this enchanting retreat, priced at €7.5 million, presents an exquisite blend of tranquility and luxury. Looking ahead, Emo Island’s plans are geared toward preserving its rich heritage while enhancing its offerings for an even more immersive Irish coastal experience.

Central to Emo Island’s future plans is the continued preservation of its historical significance. The island’s proximity to the neoclassical masterpiece, Emo Court, underscores its heritage. Future efforts will focus on maintaining the architectural integrity of Emo Court, ensuring that its stately elegance remains a tribute to Ireland’s rich history.

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As the world emphasizes sustainability, Emo Island is poised to adopt eco-friendly practices. Future plans may include incorporating renewable energy sources and embracing sustainable landscaping techniques. These initiatives will not only contribute to environmental conservation but also enhance the island’s natural beauty.

Emo Island’s future endeavors aim to elevate the guest experience to new heights. Planned enhancements may include curated experiences that offer deeper insights into the island’s history, nature, and culture. Guests can look forward to tailored activities that allow them to engage with the island on a more meaningful level.

The island’s luxurious residences and amenities are poised for modernization while maintaining their timeless charm. Future renovations could involve incorporating state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that guests enjoy the convenience of contemporary living within the island’s serene surroundings.

Emo Island’s future vision extends beyond its shores to engage with the local community. Collaborations with nearby towns and villages could lead to cultural events, art exhibitions, and other initiatives that showcase Ireland’s vibrant traditions and talents.

Emo Island’s landscapes, including its lush gardens and woodlands, will remain at the forefront of future plans. Efforts will continue to maintain these natural treasures, offering guests an oasis of serenity that immerses them in Ireland’s captivating beauty.


Emo Island, owned by Dermot Desmond, stands as an Irish coastal escape that captures the essence of elegance and tranquility. As the island’s custodian, Desmond’s commitment to historical preservation, sustainable practices, and enhancing the guest experience defines its future trajectory. With an unwavering focus on preserving its heritage while embracing modernity, Emo Island is poised to evolve into a timeless haven where history, nature, and luxury harmoniously coexist.

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Emo Island: Where the Irish Coast Embraces Your Soul in a Tranquil Escape.