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Fanciest Hotels in The York-Hamptons

By Ruth Perez

In the summer months of warmer weather new Yorkers often flee to The Hamptons because of the humid temperatures. It was originally a resort town but now many young professionals go there for work-related purposes and it’s a vibrant place with good restaurants, boutiques, and attractions. During the high season – which is during July and August- there are lots of tourists. visit in the summer months of June, July, or August. Or if you prefer a more relaxed pace then come during non-summer months such as May, September, or even October.

The Menhaden Hotel Hamptons

The Menhaden Hotel | Image Source – The Menhaden Hamptons

For those looking to take in stunning harbor views, book a night at The Menhaden Hotel. Located on Atlantic Avenue in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, this boutique establishment boasts 16 guest rooms designed to evoke seafaring themes complete with maritime-inspired decor and artifacts. The hotel has several dining options as well: a rooftop bar serving beer and wine, an indoor/outdoor cafe open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the galley room that offers a selection of classic drinks and snacks available 24 hours a day. For those looking for excellent restaurants nearby, you can’t go wrong with any of the handful in the neighborhood – which is full of culture thanks to its many galleries, boutiques, and even an outdoor cinema! Wherever you decide to eat, know you’re always close by as the hotel provides free water taxi service along with bike rentals and electric vehicle transfers available upon request (a great way to help save our environment).

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Topping Rose House Hamptons

Inside Topping Rose House | Image Source – The Topping Rose House

Topping Rose House just so happens to have a museum. The property also has its farm, a fitness center, and a restaurant that makes food from the farm. They have access to a Lexus and one can always travel elsewhere via their private shuttle. It’s easy for guests to get to their beach as long as they get to the right beach because after all, there are private spots in their neighborhood! The Rose House is a historic home that can be rented in the summertime. It comprises 22 bedrooms and has been fully refurbished since its previous owners found themselves out of business. When renting this property you get to choose from such perks as iPods, Frette linen products, minibars, and private gardens or rooftop terraces.

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The Roundtree Hamptons

In and Around The Roundtree | Image Source – The Roundtree

Roundtree is the gem of Amagansett – rather its name is so quirky yet it fits perfectly for this elegant colonial home that has been in the family for generations! It gives you an escape from city life in a countryside farmhouse surrounded by land with acres of beauty just minutes from the shore. This Hotel will take you back to your childhood for sure but with all the contemporary amenities and eye-opening design that any New Yorker would love to have on their trip as well. There are only 15 guest rooms and suites available here, each one in a different style offering you luxury and comfort at its finest during your stay here.

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Hero Beach Club Hamptons

In-house | Image Source – The Hero Beach Club

Situated in Montauk Point New York, was once home to fishermen and trade workers. The area was mostly known for the sea life that resided in the waters of nearby Lake Montauk and for being a popular fishing spot. Nowadays, rich urbanites are buying up parcels of land left and right, which has increased demand due to tourists who come to enjoy the natural beauty in this quiet town by the sea. While some prefer to stay at places like Hero Beach Club or View East which both boast more amenities and posh amenities than Land’s End Inn, others come here to escape it all and find real peace at such a special place where anything is possible. The 30 bedrooms within this designed resort make of airy, pastel colors and the fresh air that comes with the spectacular views of the natural landscape. The resort includes a large heated pool, which has relaxation areas and is quite inviting during the night to enjoy their many famous, poolside events at a temperature just right for you to rest your weariness away. With many lounging areas, you’ll be able to plop down by the pool to watch movies under twinkling stars seemed often at night throughout your stay.

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