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By Jane P

Immerse yourself in innovation as Lexus unveils an installation by Marjan van Aubel at ICA Miami, merging art and technology in a captivating showcase.

Key Takeaways
  • Explore the intersection of art and technology through Lexus’ partnership with Marjan van Aubel, showcasing innovative design concepts.
  • Discover how the installation by Marjan van Aubel reflects Lexus’ commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
  • Experience the captivating installation firsthand at ICA Miami, where visitors can engage with the fusion of art, design, and technology.

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In PLANO, Texas, and MIAMI, Fla., on December 6, 2023, Lexus unveiled “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds,” an installation crafted by Dutch solar pioneer Marjan van Aubel, presently exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami). Brimming with vividness and coloration, the extraordinary solar artwork reinterprets the Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst (LF-ZC) concept automobile into an interactive spectacle through van Aubel’s characteristic deployment of solar panels. Named in homage to the timeframe required for sunlight to reach our planet, “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” employs Organic Photovoltaics (OPV), advanced solar cells transparent yet saturated with vibrant hues, to portray the LF-ZC in a graphical motif, delivering a realistic depiction of the conceptual vehicle.

Courtesy: Lexus

The art piece reacts to the presence of onlookers as they navigate around it, providing varied viewpoints. Four motion sensors activate lights to sway and ripple akin to liquid across the sculpture’s foundation, symbolizing the vehicle’s electric foundation. Periodically, the installation erupts into a fleeting spectacle—light cascades. At the same time, a melody swells, mirroring the kinetics of the moving automobile and offering a sensory glimpse into the act of driving. The warm, dawn-like hues refracted by the OPV panels transition into more fabulous shades throughout the day.

The installation harnesses solar power throughout the day, accruing energy from the OPV panels. These solar cells accumulate energy into batteries discreetly embedded within the sculpture’s base. Over time, this continual absorption accumulates, amassing a reservoir of solar-derived energy to sustain the captivating displays and functionalities of the artwork.

The installation emits an atmospheric melody, blending warm string instruments, delicate piano keys, and chimes that blend harmoniously with the surroundings. Periodically, the melody is adorned with bird calls and other auditory embellishments. Occasionally, the composition introduces woody bamboo tones, subtly alluding to the original car’s interior bamboo material and infusing its essence into the auditory journey.

Courtesy: Lexus

Accessible for viewing until December 17th, “8 Minutes and 20 Seconds” signifies Lexus’ second-year collaboration with ICA Miami and the brand’s sixth immersive engagement during Miami Art & Design Week. Through partnerships and the presentation of top-tier installations, Lexus and ICA Miami aim to foster experiences that prompt reflection on the vast potential of creative design.

Internationally recognized for championing sustainability in art and design, van Aubel is a natural ally to Lexus’s forward-thinking design ethos. Notably, van Aubel previously collaborated with Lexus as a mentor to the recipients of the 2023 Lexus Design Award, providing guidance and support to emerging designers worldwide in crafting innovative products that contribute to a brighter future. Renowned for her furniture, lighting design, and public installations, her work seamlessly integrates solar technology with aesthetic design solutions. Her creations are housed in esteemed institutions such as the MoMA, Vitra Design Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Courtesy: Lexus

Reflecting on the collaboration, Marjan van Aubel expressed, “It has been immensely gratifying to breathe life into the LF-ZC concept car! Lexus’s dedication to innovation, craftsmanship, and exploration of new materials resonates deeply with my design ethos. This installation invites individuals to engage with light and color, encouraging them to envision a more sustainable, optimistic future. Through this collaboration, I have been able to convey a new narrative of harnessing energy in a beautiful manner.”

Brian Bolain, Lexus’ global head of marketing, remarked, “We are privileged to collaborate with a distinguished solar design innovator like Marjan van Aubel. Her unique vision and expertise have brought forth a remarkable installation that elucidates the design essence of the LF-ZC concept while exemplifying her dedication to human-centric, sustainable design—a commitment we share and cherish. Witnessing this sculpture come to life in ICA Miami’s garden is truly exhilarating.”

Courtesy: Lexus

Alex Gartenfeld, Irma and Norman Braman, Artistic Director at ICA Miami, emphasized, “Environmental sustainability stands as a core value at ICA Miami, as evidenced by our year-round efforts to minimize and offset our carbon footprint. Marjan van Aubel’s impactful collaboration with Lexus represents significant strides in innovative sustainable design, exemplifying how global ecological concerns inspire contemporary solutions. We are thrilled to provide a significant platform for Marjan van Aubel and her impactful work during Miami Art Week.”

Alongside the new installation, Lexus will once again host Lexus Art Series: Art and Innovation talks with Whitewall. On December 6th at ICA Miami, two panels, Reimagining Systems: Tapping into the Power of Light and Design in the Public Arena: A Vision for Humanity, will feature engaging discussions open to the public at 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm, respectively. Alongside Marjan van Aubel, the first panel will include moderator Eliza Jordan, senior editor at Whitewall Magazine, and Lexus Color & Sensory Designer Viviana Hohenstein. The subsequent discussion, moderated by Tamara Warren, co-founder and CEO of Le Car, will feature the Interior Chief Designer at Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American design studio, Calty Design Research, William Chergosky, artist Ralph Nauta, and ICNCLST CEO Sky Gellatly.


Marjan van Aubel Studio is an award-winning, innovative solar design practice that integrates solar energy seamlessly into daily life. By merging sustainability, design, and technology, the studio strives to shape a positive future, incorporating solar power effortlessly into our surroundings, whether in buildings or objects, to make solar energy accessible to all. Key works include Sunne, Current Table, Power Plant, and the roof of the Netherlands Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. Collaborations with global brands such as Cos, Timberland, and Swarovski further the studio’s mission to accelerate the global transition to solar energy. Marjan van Aubel graduated from the Royal College of Art (Design Products MA) in 2012 and the Rietveld Academy DesignLAB (BA) in 2009. Additionally, she was appointed ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2022, amplifying her initiatives and solar ambitions.


Dedicated to fostering ongoing experimentation in contemporary art, advancing new scholarship, and facilitating the exchange of art and ideas locally and globally, the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) boasts an energetic calendar of exhibitions and programs. By offering an important international platform for local, emerging, and under-recognized artists, ICA Miami aims to enhance public appreciation and understanding of the most innovative art of our time. Established in 2014, ICA Miami unveiled its permanent home in Miami’s Design District on December 1, 2017, positioning itself as a cultural cornerstone within the community and nurturing cultural literacy throughout the Miami region. With free admission, the museum provides open, public access to artistic excellence year-round.


Driven by a passion for bold design, innovative technology, and exhilarating performance, Lexus creates extraordinary experiences for its discerning clientele. Since its inception in 1989, Lexus has expanded its lineup to meet the needs of luxury customers worldwide in over

Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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“Lexus’ collaboration with Marjan van Aubel at ICA Miami represents a harmonious blend of art, innovation, and sustainability.”