MiiR Tomo Water Bottle and Cup | Image Source - MiiR Tomo

Maximize Suitcase Space With These Multipurpose Gear

By Ruth Perez

Unlocking Efficient Packing: Multipurpose Gear to Maximize Suitcase Space

Key Takeaways
  • Versatile gear is a traveler's best friend: Investing in multipurpose gear helps optimize luggage space while providing practicality and convenience.
  • Choose items with multiple functions: Look for items that can serve multiple purposes, such as convertible clothing, compact travel gadgets, and collapsible containers.

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Multipurpose gear is a widely spoken topic. Come to think of it, isn’t it annoying when you’re trying to fit everything into your suitcase, but there’s just not enough space? You don’t want to leave anything behind, but you also don’t want to be lugging around a huge bag. The solution? Multi-purpose gear that can do double (or triple) duty.

Let us take you on a tour of some of our favorite gear that will help you maximize suitcase space.

1. Water Bottle and Cup

MiiR Tomo Water Bottle and Cup | Image Source – MiiR Tomo Images

Available on – MiiR Tomo

Price – $ 59.95

Drinking bottled water is a common choice among many consumers. However, the use and subsequent disposal of so many plastic bottles present an expensive and environmentally detrimental conundrum. Plastics and the waste they create are a massive global problem, but now some companies are striving to recycle, reduce, and reinvent all that plastic. However, the stainless steel corporation uses vacuum insulated stainless steel, assuring beverages stay cold long as cold for 12 hours while hot stays for up to eight. They’ve even gone one step further to offset 110% of the carbon footprint that their production process makes.

Moreover, Miir’s new Tomo is perfect for two friends who want to share a drink without the hassle of a traditional travel mug. The two twist-off cups each hold 8oz of liquid, so it’s still easy to get just what you need on the go.

2. Shorts and Pants

Patagonia Men’s Quandary Convertible Pants | Image Source – Patagonia Images

Available on – Patagonia

Price – $89

Outdoor adventurers should take the time to be properly prepared for any weather. Luckily, finding gear that is flexible enough to allow quick changes from pants into shorts in an instant is relatively easy thanks to companies like Patagonia, who offer convertible pants that turn into shorts as well as skirts! One can also find these products through retailers like Amazon. For example, the Patagonia Quandry Convertible Pants for men and women differ slightly but can be found everywhere from a local retailer like Sierra Trading Post to Amazon. The lightweight, weather-resistant hiking pants feature 50 UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) which protects from the sun’s rays, and a water-repellent finish to repel moisture. They come in tan or gray.

As for women’s multi-functional pants, Columbia stands out, as it is more geared towards providing just the right amount of coverage. The company aims to create garments that are both functional and flattering in appearance. Some of their trail-friendly neutral hues include steel, blue horizon, ghost pepper, and coyote. Outdoor Research is regarded by many as a leading brand in the outdoor industry, and its best-selling Ferrosi convertible pants have been flying off the shelves.

3. Blanket and Pillow

Ikea Faltmal Pillow cum Blanket | Image Source – Ikea Faltmal Images

Available on – Ikea

Price – 39.99

When it comes to multifunctional travel products, the Ikea Fältmal pillow and quilt combination is among the more spectacular: Aside from being a pillow, the quilt works as a blanket. The extra-long quilt has a “Button fastener and sleeves for reduced heating in-flight” according to a design spokesperson for Ikea. It also happens to be made entirely of recycled polyester, what more could an earth-conscious traveler want?  

Long flights can be exhausting and awkward, especially when there’s no space to stretch your legs. Your next flight will never be cramped ever again! At 75” x 47,” it has enough surface area that you could even do yoga on it, but you won’t have time between landing your dream job to practice yoga with us and working every day until we retire.

You might find the Planeket comforter quite useful if you are looking for more functionality. It comes with a carrying case and the ability to be hooked onto any type of clip. 

4. Yoga and Meditation Mat

2 in 1 Yoga Mat Bag | Image Source – Lululemon

Available on – Lululemon

Price – $238

There’s one key to keeping stress at bay on the go, maintaining a sense of calm. This can be done with Lululemon’s two-in-one yoga mat bag that unfolds into a full round mat that can be set up in any open space to turn any location into a relaxing space for the mind. As if that’s not convenient enough, the bag can double as a yoga mat carrier. Tuck in the bottom part of your towel – you know, the folded one with the cute patterns and make sure you fold one end neatly with minimal stretching to increase the lifespan of your mat – into its center pocket so that it emerges on top. Wrap the handle twice around your rolled mat and buckle it securely closed! Being made out of mycelium, a mushroom root derivative helps reduce environmental impact while giving it a leather-like texture. 

5. Speaker, Lamp, and Charger

4 in 1 LED Lamp – Lumicharge

Available on – Lumicharge

Price – $59.00

Designed to be a perfect travel companion, The LumiCharge LD remains just as versatile in outdoor settings, with a built-in solar panel that charges the device in the sun and then keeps you powered when indoors via USB. It’s got 10 watts of wireless charging and USB charging so it can fill up multiple devices at once. Built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant the high-quality sound filled is with clarity and balance. Can act as a Bluetooth speakerphone to make calls and stream music. Smart LED lights can be adjusted to any color or brightness setting, acting as mood lighting, reading light, or simply just for fun!

6. Neck Pillow and Scarf

Travel Pillow cum Scarf | Image Source – Uncommon Good

Available on – Uncommon Goods

Price – $40

When it comes to traveling with style, the Uncommon Goods Infinity Scarf arrives at the airport in a fashionably neutral palette. The airplane-friendly accessory is made of 100% cotton and can be draped in either solid black or sports an alluring gray gradient as a finishing touch to any travel ensemble. This scarf in question contains an inflatable cushion that is zippered into a pocket-like pouch. 

This handy item can then be used to prop your head up while on the go in public so that the people around you won’t have to bear the burden of your constant coughing, gross sneezing, and other symptoms of the common cold or flu. The cushion can be simply removed and tossed into the washing machine. To make sure it stays fresh and clean for when it’s most needed again. There’s even room within these zippered pockets to store a few necessary items like earbuds or lip balm when not in use!

7. Jacket and Bags

Women’s Switchform Lite Parka | Image Source – Royal Robbins’

Available on – Royal Robbins’

Price – $140

Only with the help of a convertible jacket can tote bag personalities can remain to look chic during inclement weather. Royal Robbins’ women’s Switchform Lite parka is a winter coat that converts into a stylish crossbody tote. The coat has been crafted with a water-repelling finish and even contains a buttonhole inside the pocket which when removed turns the tote into a lovely satchel that was likely our favorite thing about this coat. 

For those who prefer to be more hands-free, the North Face has designed a host of innovative and flexible outerwear options ranging from trench coats to parkas to puffer coats that can be converted into travel backpacks. The best part about these multitalented jackets is that they require very little effort on your part – all you need to do is zip off the sleeves and pull out the hood, and you’ve got yourself a backpack! 

8. Bottle Opener and Phone Stand

Smarter Magloop Accessory | Image Source – Magloop Images

Available on – Magloop

Price – $29.95

You know how there are so many things to do when you’re traveling abroad and one of those is taking selfies with the help of a selfie stick. Another thing that you might have to do on your next trip is find something strong enough to open bottles (things like a wine bottle, beer bottles) and live up to your manhood at the same time. Well as luck would have it, there’s now a simple way for men (and women alike) to unite these two necessities by picking up the innovative STM Goods MagLoop, which can stick securely onto any phone without any adhesive and will easily open everything from water bottles to beer bottles with ease! 

This multifunctional phone accessory easily props up a phone for selfies, as well as helps watch videos on an airplane table or even opens bottles! It can also be used as a helpful phone bracelet holder.

9. Poncho, Tarp, Hammock and Shelter

Campo Utility Hammock + Poncho | Image Source – Campo Images

Available on – Campo

Price – $84

The Beoutfitters’ one-pound Campo is the ultimate outdoor companion for nearly every occasion. Its 7’5″-by-4’7” waterproof polyester fabric pulls out of its stuff sack and can be deployed in seconds as a handy extra long poncho, outfitted with cinch tabs to fit securely. Since it is made of parachute material, you won’t even want to miss it. The straps are strong and self-securing, allowing you to dismount in the middle of the night without worrying about safety issues. The hammock features an attached pouch that holds your pillow and closes with Velcro to keep it in place at all times. Unsnap it and use the straps to disconnect the hammock by threading them through any of the loops on either side. Then, use the carabiners to tether it between two trees or to tie it up as a shelter or spread it out as a tarp.

10.Handwarmer and Battery Pack

Traveler Power Bank and Handwarmer | Image Source – Multitasky Images

Available on – Multitasky

Price – $45

Already a frontrunner with its attractive design, this ultra-portable, and lightweight Multitasky Traveler Power Bank and Hand Warmer by Multifaccion is a 5500mAh battery charger and hand warmer all in one. Measuring only 4 x 3.3 x 0.9 inches, it won’t become an inconvenience even if placed within your pocket or purse as it can get charged via standard Micro USB input or by the included proprietary charging cable via the covered micro-USB input port. Its convenient design makes it easy to tote around since users can count on their devices being fully ready for work anytime they need them, with the option to fast charge phones when they’re overloaded with tasks throughout their day.

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Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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Efficient packing is an art form, and the secret lies in the power of multipurpose gear. By choosing items that serve multiple functions, travelers can unlock the true potential of their suitcase space while staying organized and ready for any adventure.