Courtesy: Bentley


By Antonio Perez

Enter the realm of unparalleled luxury as Mulliner, Bentley's esteemed bespoke division, unveils its latest creation: the exclusive Private White V.C. Limited Edition Bentayga. Prepare to be captivated by the fusion of British craftsmanship and contemporary design as Mulliner elevates the iconic Bentayga to new heights of sophistication and exclusivity.

Key Takeaways
  • Mulliner's collaboration with Private White V.C., renowned British luxury clothing brand, results in a Bentayga that exudes bespoke elegance. Every detail, from the exquisite interior materials to the custom exterior finishes, reflects the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail synonymous with both brands.
  • Inspired by Private White V.C.'s rich heritage and Mulliner's legacy of automotive excellence, this limited edition Bentayga seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. The result is a vehicle that pays homage to the past while embracing the future of luxury automotive design.
  • With only a limited number of vehicles available, the Private White V.C. Limited Edition Bentayga offers a level of exclusivity rarely seen in the automotive world. Each vehicle is meticulously crafted to cater to the individual tastes and preferences of discerning Bentley enthusiasts, making it a true collector's item.

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BENTAYGA: A distinct Private White V.C. of the Bentayga, crafted in homage to Private Jack White, recipient of the Victoria Cross post-World War I.

Copper embellishments and unique stitching techniques pay homage to the design ethos of Private White V.C. Limited Edition

Specialized 22-inch wheels, meticulously color-coordinated.

The iconic ‘Cottenham House’ silhouette, representing the origins of Private White V.C., intricately overlaid onto wood veneer passenger fascia.

This bespoke Bentayga also features a curated collection of personalized attire handcrafted by Private White V.C. Limited Edition, already secured by Bentley Manchester.

(Crewe, February 12, 2024) Bentley Motors proudly unveils the exclusive one-off Private White V.C. Bentayga, curated by Mulliner. Commissioned by Bentley Manchester and Mulliner, this unique Bentayga embodies British heritage, artisanal craftsmanship, and the luxury fashion epitomized by both Private White V.C. and Bentley Motors. This bespoke Bentayga, tailored to perfection, has already found its rightful owner, having been acquired by a local enthusiast.

Courtesy: Bentley

Private Jack White, born in 1896, answered the call of duty during World War I. His heroic actions earned him the Victoria Cross, where he selflessly rescued an officer, comrades, and equipment amidst heavy gunfire, ingeniously employing a copper telephone line.

Drawing inspiration from Private White’s courage and the contemporary clothing line, the specially commissioned Bentayga Azure incorporates intricate copper accents throughout the interior, including seat piping, embroidery, and bespoke features, symbolizing the copper telephone line’s valor.

Courtesy: Bentley

Furthermore, the interior features meticulously crafted sewing lines reminiscent of military-inspired apparel, exuding style and functionality. Bespoke embroidery, including the Victoria Cross emblem adorning the headrests and Private White V.C. lettering, adds a distinctive touch to the cabin. The rear loose cushions are upholstered in a Lancashire-woven cashmere cloth, exclusively commissioned to honor Jack White’s regimental heritage.

The dashboard boasts organ stops finished in anodized copper, with the passenger fascia adorned with a silhouette of ‘Cottenham House,’ the historical headquarters of Private White V.C. In a subtle nod to the brand’s legacy, bespoke treadplates and an embroidered bulldog motif, the company’s unofficial mascot, grace the door pockets.

The exterior exudes sophistication, finished in Dark Sapphire with a contemporary Blackline Specification and rear privacy glass. The 22-inch bright machined wheels provide a striking contrast, serving as a canvas for the Private White V.C. bespoke badging and subtle copper accents.

As a crowning touch to this bespoke collaboration, the fortunate owner of this limited edition Bentayga will receive a curated collection of tailored clothing from Private White V.C., elevating the ownership experience to unprecedented heights.

Private Jack White V.C.

Jacob Weiss, later known as Jack White, was born in Leeds on December 23, 1896. Upon the outbreak of World War I, he enlisted in the 6th (Service) Battalion King’s Own and served valiantly in the Middle East, including campaigns in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia (Iraq). His unparalleled bravery during the attempted crossing of the Dialah River, where he saved countless lives under intense enemy fire, earned him the Victoria Cross.

“No. 18105 Pte. Jack White, R. Lanc. R.

For his extraordinary courage and resourcefulness.

During an attempt to cross a river, this signaler witnessed the two pontoons ahead of him come under heavy machine-gun fire, resulting in dire consequences. With every man on his pontoon, either dead or wounded, Pte. White, unable to control the pontoon, promptly tethered a telephone wire to it, leaped into the water, and towed it to safety, thereby rescuing an officer’s life and salvaging the rifles and equipment of his fallen comrades.”

Following his military service, Jack White began a career as a pattern cutter in a local raincoat factory. His meteoric rise culminated in factory ownership in 1937, less than two decades later.

In 1916, Private White V.C. supplied cotton gabardine trench coats to the Allied Forces. In the 1940s, the Ministry of Defense commissioned the company to provide waterproof parkas to the RAF. Over a century later, Private White V.C., based in Manchester, continues its legacy of crafting high-quality, stylish garments using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

In 2020, amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, Private White V.C. stepped up to produce medical-grade gowns and surgical masks, supporting the Department of Health & Social Care in combating the crisis.

Nestled along the banks of the River Irwell, the Private White V.C. factory thrives, propelled by the dedication and determination of its diverse workforce. With over a hundred individuals from thirteen different nationalities, the factory is committed to excellence, crafting premium garments sourced from the finest regional fabrics and materials.

Join the LUXURIOUX world, and discover a new level of opulence. Our editors and writers are dedicated to finding what is truly the best in class across many facets of life. Experience the finest things only your imagination and money can afford.

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"The collaboration between Mulliner and Private White V.C. represents the epitome of British luxury and craftsmanship. The Limited Edition Bentayga is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and individuality, offering discerning customers a truly bespoke automotive experience." - [Mulliner Representative] Prepare to embark on a journey of luxury and refinement as Mulliner unveils the exclusive Private White V.C. Limited Edition Bentayga, setting new standards of bespoke elegance and exclusivity in the world of luxury automotive.