The Best of Bali: What it’s Like to Visit Now

By Ruth Perez

In terms of tourism, Bali continues to stand out among Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands. Although there are several other tropical locations, this exciting island is the top choice for millions of visitors each year. 

It is a true paradise, with rice terraces tumbling down lush volcanic hillsides and flaming sunsets drizzling over sugar-white dunes. 

This concise travel guide will show you what Bali has to offer visitors and make their trip unforgettable.

Best Cultural Scene

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, Bali is incredibly beautiful. The island is also the location of numerous ancient cultural traditions that are still practiced. Bali’s culture is also accessible to visitors through its music, dancing, and architecture. 

The Balinese celebrate numerous ceremonies and celebrations throughout the year, many of which interested tourists can attend, such as the Omed-Omedan kissing festival.

Bali Culture

Best for Beaches

Nothing beats a day at the beach with cool ocean air, salty hair, and sun-kissed skin. The top beaches in Bali also offer opulent sunset drinks, world-class surfing, exhilarating water sports, and world-class beach clubs.

The majority of Bali’s top beaches may be found in the south, in the areas surrounding Kuta, Jimbaran, and the Bukit Peninsula. Since it is a year-round destination, so weather and seasons shouldn’t be a significant factor in travel plans. The finest beach weather in Bali is often seen between early April and mid-November.

Bali Beaches

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Best Waterfalls

Bali offers more than just lovely beaches and sunset cocktails. Additionally, this idyllic island is home to magnificent waterfalls. Finding Bali’s hidden waterfalls should be on your bucket list if you enjoy exploring the dense jungle, climbing over boulders, and ducking under lush green canopies.

Air Terjun, which in Balinese means waterfall, is frequently used on signposts, so you should be aware of this term.

Here are a few of the top waterfalls that you must see when visit this amazing place.

  • GitGit Waterfall
  • Munduk Waterfall
  • Sekumpul Waterfall
  • NungNung Waterfall
  • Tegenungan Waterfall
Bali Waterfall

Best Bali Swing

The Bali swing is a new and popular tourism activity for tourists. On the island of Bali, you can do anything you want, like swing around while admiring the scenery. And it should be on your itinerary for your Bali trip.

If you want to feel the freedom and pleasure of swinging high above the woods, this place is worth a visit.

Get a burst of excitement, remarkable experiences, and original photos. Visualize yourself flying and swinging in numerous locations over luscious green forests, rice paddies, river valleys, breathtaking cliff views, and more.

Bali’s well-known swings include:

  • Aloha Ubud Swing
  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace Swing
  • Waterfall Swing
  • Terrace River Pool Swing
  • Desa Swing
Bali Swing

Best Hiking Trails

Bali is a paradise on Earth for hiking and trekking freaks. It is a walker’s paradise with a range of landscapes, from famous paddies and pristine forests to plantations and villages. 

Engage in an exciting hiking trip to Bali that will take you across lovely rice fields, quaint towns, picturesque hills, majestic volcanoes, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, meandering rivers, and more.

The most well-known hiking trails in Bali are:

  • Candidasa
  • West Bali National Park
  • Mundul Jungle
  • Campuhan Ridge
  • Sekumpul Waterfall
Bali Hiking Trails

Best for Nightlife

Bali is recognized as one of the best nightlife destinations in Asia. Bali’s opulent beaches are its most prominent feature; its thriving nightlife is a close second. You can combine the two when the sun sets over the horizon because beach parties are trendy here.

Due to Bali’s fantastic weather, parties tend to start a little earlier than most people might be used to, but there is never a terrible moment to start having fun. Bali has some of the world’s top party places.

The following nightlife places are popular among the international tourists that return year after year to Bali.

  • Seminyak
  • Uluwatu
  • Kuta
  • Canggu
Bali Nightlife

Best for Balinese Food

The traditional foods of Bali are a big part of the culture; some are virtually as old as the culture itself. The most famous meals of Bali, which are richbly flavorful due to the intensive use of regional herbs and spices, are usually consumed during the vibrant Hindu festivals that mark life on the Indonesian island.

The famous dishes that you must try in Bali are;

  • Babi Guling (Suckling Pig)
  • Lawar
  • Nasi Jinggo
  • Urab
  • Mie Goreng – Stir-Fried Noodles
Balinese Food

Best for Snorkeling 

Bali’s shoreline is known for its stunning surf beaches, but it has much more to offer, especially to those who enjoy snorkeling. It has plenty to offer everyone, whether you are a first-time snorkeler trying the waters or an experienced diver at ease below the surface of the ocean.

Snorkeling is the best method to see colorful fish, corals, and even shipwrecks that are just waiting to be discovered. The diversity is the finest part; there is a whole world down there with a hidden culture; you can’t even begin to think what you might discover below sea level.

According to scientists, Bali is located in the “Coral Triangle,” which means that it has the most incredible diversity of marine life in the entire globe.

The most picturesque Bali snorkeling spots for an unforgettable experience are:

  • Amed
  • Crystal Bay
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Nusa Penida
  • Nusa Lembongan
Bali Snorkeling

Best for Balinese Crafts

The culture of the island is not complete without Balinese art. The complexity and breadth of Bali’s art, which is now present throughout the entire island, are a result of the island’s rich historical and cultural adventures. It is no surprise that Bali, a popular vacation destination for art lovers, is regarded as Indonesia’s cultural hub and home to numerous artists.

Every village specializes in a unique creative aspect. Mas, for example, is the area where Bali’s expert woodcarvers reside and maintain their studios, whereas Ubud is known for its focus on the fine arts of painting. 

Bali is a place where the arts are passed down to the younger generation at a very young age, ensuring sustainability over the years.

Balinese Crafts

Best for Shopping

Bali has a lot to offer when it comes to calming down the shopaholic inside of you. Everything from excellent designer clothing to Kopi Luwak coffee and more is available, and the affordable prices add to the fun of shopping in Bali.

You get the opportunity to purchase the greatest from Bali for your friends and family members. In addition to discovering the wide diversity of Balinese fashion at contemporary boutiques and neighborhood stores, there are lovely gifts to take home.

You should visit these best shopping places in Bali during your trip.

  • Krisna Oleh Oleh Bali
  • Kuta Art Market
  • Kumbasari Art Market
  • Ubud Art Market
  • Tegallalang Market
Bali Shopping

Best for Water Villas

The stunning water villas in Bali live up to expectations with their natural surroundings, first-rate service, and amenities. Swimming is always enjoyable at these stunning villas.

It would be a fantastic form of therapy to unwind your body and mind. In Bali, there are several wonderful water villas to choose from. They are ideal for having fun. 

The list of some water villas in Bali is provided below for your help.

  • COMO Shambhala Estate 
  • Hoshinoya
  • Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach
  • The Edge Bali
  • Ayana Resort & SPA
Bali Water Villas

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of Bali’s many hidden gems that you can discover in a new way now. Bali will take your breath away with its majestic volcanoes, serene lagoons, and craggy cliffs braving the raging surf. 

So, pack your baggage and make travel arrangements for Bali now.

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