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The World is Yet to See the Most Expensive Bubble Tea

By Ruth Perez

Bubble Tea is quite the Asian phenomenon, but what’s even more amazing than the drink itself is how you can come up with some pretty original variations of the bubbly beverage. However, Bubble Teas or “Boba” in the United States have been pretty popular for a while now. Back then, Bubble tea was brought over to the U.S. from Asia along with other foods and flavors like Pocky, Bubblegum, curry, rose tea syrup, to name a few. Promoting common Asian elements back then also brought over Panda Express in 1987 that currently has over 2,000 locations across North America for Asians to eat at or live by while many lived in the United States.

Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea | Image Source – Pexels

But what’s even more impressive than the drink itself is how you can come up with some pretty original variations of the bubbly beverage, including Purple Potato bubble tea which was introduced during wintertime in 2013 at Chatime Berkeley, located near UC Berkeley Campus to attract students who generally live off campus because it isn’t too far away from there!

One of these creative versions can also be one of the most expensive at $14 a glass—and that’s just for the drink itself! So although it’s still not the most expensive drink around the market, it still can cost a pretty penny.

However, things are about to change. The two giants, TEALEAVES and the St. Regis San Francisco, have come together for an innovative idea to reimagine and elevate the drink, even going so far as to rename it the “Boba Teashake.” Moreover, the plan is to hire the executive chef at the St.Regis San Francisco, Franck Desplechin.

St. Regis | Image Source -The Tealeaves

For this reimagined drink, TEALEAVES has introduced “Caron Bleu” tea blended with blue sugar crystals along with one of Diptyque’s famous scents (known for their high price tag) cade, for example, that makes an appearance in the Boba TeaShake. Adding other elements like cardamom pâtisserie, lemon balm syrup-imagined, and elevated, the drink will be re-branded as a Boba Teashake and feature ingredients that are almost more art than a beverage.

The unveiling of this reimagined beverage will be taking place in San Francisco Design Week (June 14-22). The audience can enjoy the demonstration, who have the chance of winning a complimentary glass of Boba TeaShake by simply getting their ticket.

Lana Sutherland, the Ceo of TEALEAVES, said in the release, “With this project, we asked ourselves, ‘How would we reimagine bubble tea with unlimited resources and time?” She further said, “The World’s Most Expensive Bubble Tea project isn’t about masking the ordinary with diamond-encrusted straws and gold chalices but is a challenge for us all to elevate expectations, quality, and the standards of ingredients and techniques, using bubble tea as an example, to ‘shake up the status quo and ‘question everything.’

So What’s in This Special Tea?

Boba | Image Source – The Tealeaves

This bubble tea is comprised of lychee, passionfruit, and whole tea leaves, which are “blended specifically for ice.” The tea also has a fusion of different types of black tea-like Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon. There are even some blue sugar crystals inside the drink to make it more special.

And because of the sheer uniqueness of the combination of rare ingredients used in creating this cocktail, along with its artful presentation, it comes as no surprise that the price tag is also on the higher side. Moreover, tapioca pearls with a touch of herbal tea blend and passionfruit coulis together with a salt caramel foam and even fleur de sel only add to the allure of this special bubble tea.

So, what type of people will enjoy this one-of-its-kind bubble tea? According to TEALEAVES, “It’s truly meant for everyone a toast to San Francisco and its Design Week.”

So How Much Will this Amazing Bubble Tea?

Well, you could say that this lavishly priced bubble tea is made for those who like to celebrate and spend extravagantly. So the good news is that it will be sold at $23.95 at TEALEAVES.com

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