Unique Experience at The Luxury Sonoma Hotel With a Romantic Getaway Package

By Ruth Perez

Olive it to me, baby! You know what they say – the earliest birds do get the most olive oil in Sonoma. If you’re among those who can’t wait to book their weekend getaway far in advance, then you should know that they’ve got at least one thing going for them – a stay at this grand hotel in Sonoma will let you linger over your passions well beyond.

If your partner is the only thing in this world that’s stronger than your love for olives, there is good news! The owners of the Sonoma hotel have a special offer just for you. What is it? A package that includes a stay at the hotel, a plate full of olives, and enjoy the finest wines delivered to your room.

Guests staying in the Getaway Suite can take a stroll to their private outdoor fireplace. Also included will be one of the hotel’s outdoor tubs that allows for a sumptuous soak under the moon and stars. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with aromatic olive oil-based amenities from McEvoy Ranch, a neighboring farm that helps promote sustainable practices which extend to the inn’s grounds as well.

One of the things couples will get to experience at the hotel is a special guided tour of the farm that produces their olive oil. They’ll get to learn about how it’s grown and how it’s processed into the delicious oil they’ve come to love in their kitchens at home. Following on from this, couples will have a repast at the restaurant; ranch’s Wit & Wisdom restaurant, as well as enjoy a wine tasting all thanks to the fact that they chose only the best, locally and organically produced ingredients.

As a couple, you may want to consider doing something more for yourselves and put aside a little alone time. So why not enjoy your private picnic in the garden of a select Sonoma accommodation? Make it special with your loved one! He or she will love you for that extra mile added to a romantic night together.

Enjoy the free bicycle rides offered by the hotel for guests to get out and explore the surrounding area.

Photo: thelodgesonama

For couples, a stay at the hotel wouldn’t be complete without some quality couple time in the olive groves. Guests can take to the olive-themed sauna, an oxygen-rich treatment or a head massage using the hotel’s organic extra-virgin olive oil!

Book your package of “The Olive You to Sonoma and Back” that starts at $2,500 for two nights. Bookings are available from April 1-30. At least seven days’ notice is required.

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