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Zero Compromise, Three Rows: The First-Ever 2024 Lexus TX

By Antonio Perez

Discover the epitome of luxury and versatility in the automotive world with the groundbreaking 2024 Lexus TX. Unveiling a new era of zero compromise and three-row perfection, this vehicle redefines excellence, promising an unparalleled driving experience. Buckle up as we delve into the key features and takeaways that make the Lexus TX a trailblazer in its class.

Key Takeaways
  • The 2024 Lexus TX sets a new standard for opulence, blending exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create an interior that's as comfortable as it is stunning.
  • With three rows of seating, the TX provides ample space for family and friends without sacrificing style or performance. Versatility meets sophistication in this groundbreaking model.

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North American Lexus buyers have long desired a three-row SUV that provides ample room and seating while maintaining the cutting-edge technology, smooth performance, and abundant features they have come to expect. For a pleasant and efficient means of transporting up to seven people, whether it’s to football practice or a lodge for a weekend escape, the 2024 Lexus TX is a first.

For these travels, a variety of powertrain options—two of which are electrified—provide the get-up and go. Because of the Lexus Driving Signature (LDS) foundations and robust body stiffness, the TX is tailored to give a confident and entertaining experience, whether the road is straight, curvy, or somewhere in between.

Standard, Premium, Luxury, F SPORT Performance Premium, and F SPORT Performance Luxury are the five classes in which the 2024 TX will be available.

The TX brings the total number of Lexus SUVs in the portfolio to seven, making the company one of the few premium original equipment manufacturers to provide three distinct SUVs with an available third row.

The Platform for Global Architecture-K (GA-K)

The 2024 TX, like the RX and NX, is built on the GA-K platform, which provides ideal weight distribution and enhances the SUVs’ ability to drive quickly and dynamically. The platform helps ensure a quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride by minimizing noise and vibration. As the company names it, the LDS makes precise suspension movement, straight-line stability, and steering responsiveness possible, allowing the automobile and driver to work harmoniously.

The idea of LDS has guided the creation of Lexus automobiles. It combines performance and luxury to provide a unique and captivating driving experience. Depending on the driver’s intentions, LDS is communicated on the TX through predictable, linear reactions.

Photo: Lexus

A priority was to minimize weight increases while simultaneously enhancing the body stiffness of the TX to provide the necessary riding comfort and silence. Body adhesives have been strategically positioned to maintain the car’s composure and agility when navigating a curve or traversing uneven roads. Wider front and rear tracks, the addition of a rear multi-link suspension system, and short-pitch spot welding are some other improvements.

The exterior panel thickness on the TX’s side members, front, and rear door assembly have been adjusted to lighten the vehicle’s body. An ideal front-rear weight distribution is achieved using steel for the back door and aluminum for the bonnet and front fenders.

An Engine To Suit Everybody’s Requirements

The 2024 TX will be available with three different engine options: a 2.4L turbocharged inline 4-cylinder on the TX350, a 2.4L turbocharged hybrid on the TX550h, and a 3.5L V6 plug-in hybrid on the TX550h+. This will assist in fulfilling the varying demands of Lexus consumers and accommodate any lifestyle. Anybody seeking electrifying performance or plug-in economy may tow 5,000 pounds for their upcoming excursion with any of the three engine options.

The brand’s goal of a carbon-neutral society and its efforts to reduce carbon emissions is furthered by the TX 500h and TX 550h+. Currently, Lexus has ten electrified vehicles to select from: three plug-in hybrid variants, eight hybrid models, and one battery-electric car.

350 TX (AWD/FWD)

With 275 horsepower and 317 lb.-ft. Of torque, the 2.4L turbocharged inline-4 engine, also found in the RX and NX, offers strong output and high torque of force. A center injection system (for more stable combustion), lightweight, spherical lipless pistons (for high-speed combustion), and a continuously variable capacity oil pump (to adjust discharge volume based on running conditions) are just a few of the advanced technologies added to help ensure the vehicle’s dynamic performance.

An enhanced shift control program with an eight-speed Direct Shift automatic gearbox with a close ratio and broad spread is available for seamless acceleration and deceleration. To produce a confident and smooth driving experience, the optional electronically controlled full-time AWD system continuously adjusts the front-to-rear driving force distribution from 75:25 to 50:50 (depending on the scenario).

There are three classes of the TX 350: Standard, Premium, and Luxury.

Performance of TX 500h F SPORT (DIRECT4 AWD Only)

The 2.4L turbocharged Parallel Hybrid system offers 406 lb.-ft. Of torque and 366 total system horsepower for customers looking for even more power and performance. Of force. The engine is paired with a 64-kW motor, an integrated Power Control Unit, and a six-speed automatic transmission. Power to the rear wheels is delivered almost instantaneously by a 76-kW eAxle at the back that consists of a motor and an inverter. Combining Dynamic Rear Steering (DRS) with DIRECT4 gives the TX 500h incredible dynamic handling and thrilling acceleration.

A nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery is installed beneath the second row, providing enhanced power and storage capacity to produce the ultimate three-row thrill ride.

Only the F SPORT Performance Premium or F SPORT Performance Luxury models of the TX 500h are offered.

Texas 550h+ (Only DIRECT4 AWD)

Building on the success of Lexus hybrid technology, the TX 550h+ plug-in hybrid (PHEV) provides a first for the brand, fusing a powerful 3.5 VL V6 engine with DIRECT4. The two-motor transaxle produces 404 system horsepower and the highest efficiency and performance.

Photo: Lexus

Because the large lithium-ion battery is situated outside the cabin under the floor, the vehicle has a lower center of gravity, more interior room, and an estimated 33 miles of electric vehicle range, according to the manufacturer.

All TX 550h+ versions include a J1772 socket for at-home and public charging, and a Level 1 car charging cable for 120V outlets is included with the device. With the included seven kW Onboard Charger, the Lexus TX 550h+ can be ultimately charged in around three hours under optimum conditions and with a maximum charging current of 240V (Level 2).   

The Luxury grade is the only one with the TX 550h+ available. With this powertrain, the first Lexus PHEV built in North America is anticipated to go on sale at the start of 2024.

Abrupt Stop

The GA-K chassis was fitted with a MacPherson strut-style front suspension to produce the smooth ride characteristics associated with TX. This technology lessens the shock and vibration caused by paved irregularities to promote smooth and linear performance. The five-arm multi-link in the back facilitates controlled steering reflexes.

Standard On F SPORT Performance: Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS)

The available AVS technology in Texas improves ride quality and road handling. Based on driving behavior and road conditions, AVS employs linear solenoid-type actuators to instantly alter the damping force of shock absorbers on all four wheels. The damping power maintains a lower rating to provide a pleasant ride when driving on a bumpy road surface. When entering a turn, the damping point changes to a more excellent grade, which provides increased responsiveness, resulting in smooth and steady performance.

Steering and Braking 

The TX’s braking system enhances the foundations of the Lexus Driving Signature to deliver a seamless and thrilling ride. The TX 350 features a vacuum brake system for improved responsiveness and control over braking. A pressure-on-demand system and a high-performance pump motor are used to regulate pressure in both the front and back of the TX 500h and 550h+ to modulate the brake force.

The TX’s smooth motions and linear steering response belie its actual size. A basic rack assist-type Electric Power Steering (EPS) system lowers the required steering input by installing a new motor and reduction gear parallel to the steering box. A motor control unit (MCU) with an integrated motor and motor current control electronic control unit (ECU) also decreases operational noise and shrinks the footprint of the EPS.

DRS, or dynamic rear steering

DRS is unique to and standard on F SPORT Performance, and it may offer remarkable vehicle stability in high-speed scenarios and agility in low-speed ones. The rear wheels revolve in tandem with the front wheels during maneuvers at more incredible speeds to provide a steady and distinct turning response. For smooth handling at lower speeds, the rear wheels can turn in the opposite direction as the front wheels. 

Choose Your Drive Mode

Photo: Lexus

The driver may customize their experience with Drive Mode Select by choosing from a variety of different drive modes, such as:

Normal Mode: By maximizing the accelerator’s reaction, this mode balances driving performance and fuel economy.

By decreasing throttle response and air conditioner activities to maintain the engine speed in an economical range, the ECO Mode maximizes fuel savings under all driving circumstances.

Aggressive and athletic acceleration is produced by activating the sport mode, which increases throttle response overall.

Custom Mode: The driver can customize the air conditioning, chassis, and engine parameters. The suspension settings are also programmable when an AVS is installed.

The standard on TX 500h and TX 550h+ is DIRECT4.

Lexus’ all-wheel drive system, DIRECT4, was first featured on the 2023 RX and 2023 RZ. The system coordinates a smooth, direct driving force transfer between the front and rear axles in milliseconds, enhancing feel, handling, and control. Additionally, less body movement makes for a more comfortable trip.

When the back wheels require it, the four wheels with a rear eAxle may supply up to 80% of the power, allowing them to handle straight and steadily. To ensure optimum grip, traction, and acceleration, DIRECT4 continuously modifies the front-to-rear driving force distribution from 100:00 to 20:80 (depending on the scenario).

Standard On TX 350 AWD, TX 500h, And TX 550h+, Trail Mode

Trail Mode reduces wheel slippage when driving on damp or uneven terrain by combining control over the AWD, braking, and driving force.

Sensible Style And Design

The 2024 TX was created with practical elements in mind, all without sacrificing the opulent touches that Lexus owners love.

External Elements

The TX’s front fascia has been redesigned, and it boldly displays the new expression of Lexus design, as seen with other current Lexus automobiles. The Lexus “Unified Spindle” adds striking and distinctive components while honoring the brand’s present design language.

Photo: Lexus

This slim front-end’s aerodynamic performance was prioritized to improve the vehicle’s stability. The TX’s front spindle is designed to reduce the coefficient of drag and effectively control airflow while cooling its brakes. Airflow-regulating fins, a roof spoiler, and rear combination lighting are further aerodynamic components.  

The flared fenders at the back highlight the TX’s broad track width and robust posture. The sleek, recognizable L-shaped light bar lamp creates a strong three-row silhouette by reflecting the front’s contemporary, unwavering appearance.

The TX’s striking posture captures attention from every viewpoint and comes with 20-inch wheels for the Standard, Premium, and Luxury grades. 22-inch wheels are standard on the TX 550h+ and available for the TX 350 Luxury grade for those who desire more style.

The F SPORT Performance grade features a distinctive 22-inch aluminum alloy wheel design in a gloss black and gray finish. Black roof rails, dark chrome window trim, front fender emblems, a unique rear valance, glossy silver front bumper molding, and, on F SPORT Performance Luxury, a panoramic sunroof are some more exclusive external features for this grade.

For the 2024 TX, six unique exterior colors are offered, including Wind Chill Pearl and Celestial Silver Metallic, which are available on a Lexus for the first time. Cloudburst Gray1, Caviar, Nightfall Mica, and Incognito (available only on the F SPORT Performance grade) are additional color possibilities. A later time will be when Matador Red Mica is accessible.  

1 Available for an extra $500 fee.

Inside Details

Passengers may relax in the TX thanks to its tranquil interior and cozy, peaceful in-cabin environment. To give the driver confidence and control, all commands and information (such as gauges, a head-up display when available, meters, etc.) are at their fingertips and in their direct line of sight. A 7.0-inch multi-information display (MID) is included with the TX by default, and a 12.3-inch MID is an option.

Every seat in the TX has been designed with Lexus customers’ requirements in mind, regardless of where a passenger chooses to sit—in the front, the rear, or anywhere in between. Even on the longest commutes or road trips, the chairs’ outstanding holding capacity, exceptional comfort, and accessibility have all been carefully considered in their design.

There are two options for the second row, depending on grade level: captain’s seats or a 60:40 split-folding bench. In cars with second-row captain’s seats, air conditioning and heating are standard. A sliding assist walk-in feature makes it simpler to reach the third row. The second-row seats may be folded by sliding the slide assist spring and tilting the seat forward with a push of the switch on the shoulder. The standard seat trim on Standard, Premium, and F SPORT Performance Premium grades is NuLuxe® synthetic leather. Semi-aniline leather trim covers the seats of the Luxury grade for the TX 350 and TX 550h+, while smooth, leather-trimmed upholstery is standard on the F SPORT Performance Luxury.

Every row offers extensive functionality and usability, with several storage choices for various objects and gadgets. The driver and front-seat passenger may open the left and right console lids separately from the rest of the seats thanks to a dual-opening mechanism. The detachable cupholders are designed to suit various usage types and can hold cups and bottles of different sizes. When captain’s seats are installed, the second row features an optional center console. This detachable semi-console box may have small objects or a tablet computer. If the detachable cupholders are installed, they may also carry cups or bottles. 

Behind the third row, the TX offers 20.2 cubic feet of cargo capacity to include everything. Cargo space rises to 57.4 cubic feet when the optional motorized third-row seats are folded down. Additionally, when the second and third rows are folded, the load capacity increases to an impressive 97 cubic feet.

Depending on the grade, the 2024 TX will come with three different inside color options: peppercorn, birch, and black. The Blackwood Trim decoration, standard on all models and composed of ash wood with a deep, black woodgrain, elevates the interior space.

The Japanese concept of hospitality, omotenashi, is expressed throughout the cabin using an indirect lighting system that blends in smoothly. A motorist may choose lighting that best suits their mood and energy level from a broad palette of colors and themes.

In front of the driver are a unique steering wheel and meter for F SPORT Performance Premium and F SPORT Performance Luxury. The sporty cockpit also has a leather-trimmed gear shift knob, aluminum-trimmed pedals and scuff plates, and seats with F SPORT badging.

Convenience and Technology Features

The standard 14-inch touchscreen interface for Lexus

Photo: Lexus

The driver and front-seat passenger can efficiently operate the controls and see precise information thanks to the standard 14-inch high-definition touchscreen. The glass screens are coated with a high-adhesion, anti-reflective material to provide a vibrant display. Menu navigation is akin to that of tablets and smartphones. Power on/off and volume are controlled by a central knob at the bottom edge of the screen, making it easier for the driver and front passenger to use. 

Seven ports for USB

Depending on grade, the TX has three power outlets and seven USB ports to accommodate your device’s charging demands. The bottom instrument panel has three USB Type-C connectors up front, while a regular wireless charger is positioned just below. Two USB Type-C connectors for second-row passengers are at the back bottom of the front center console. There is a single USB Type-C port for third-row occupants on the left and right sides of the seat.  

*Cloud Navigation     

This 100% cloud-capable system combines Google points of interest (POI) data with a Drive Connect trial or subscription, allowing faster and more accurate search results, precise instructions, and alternative routes depending on traffic conditions. The offline mode anticipates possible signal loss and downloads the necessary maps and services. 

Perceptive Assistant*

Guests may enjoy the convenience of Intelligent Assistant with an active Drive Connect trial or subscription. The Lexus can precisely recognize and respond to voice commands with its two-microphone design, improved noise cancellation, and seat identification capabilities. For example, it can only activate temperature control, entertainment, and navigation by saying, “Hey Lexus.”

Digitized Key

Through the Lexus app, visitors may use their compatible smartphone as a car key if they have a valid Remote Connect subscription. The supplied digital key may activate door locks and provide extra utility for carpooling, valet parking, and home package delivery. For customers registered on the Lexus App, sharing the Digital Key with up to seven additional visitors makes for a seamless experience.

Wireless Support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Users may access and operate menus through their chosen mobile device ecosystem using the standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities the Lexus TX offers. Up to five Bluetooth devices can be registered to the system wirelessly, and up to two devices can be connected simultaneously.

Remote Link*

The Lexus app may start the car and manage the temperature remotely, monitor the vehicle’s health, and more with an active Remote Connect trial or subscription. 

Security Link*

Visitors may take advantage of a complimentary 10-year Lexus Safety Connect trial to obtain first-rate assistance in the event of an emergency or car theft.

Service Link*

The up to 10-year Service Connect trial is accessible through the Lexus app and allows for detailed maintenance reminders and Vehicle Health Reports to be shared between a compatible Lexus and dealer.

Display Head-Up (Available)

It is safe to display information in front of the driver’s field of vision, including navigational directions, dynamic radar cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and road sign assistance. Other information that can be safely displayed includes essentials like a speedometer and shift position. A driver’s seat position memory feature can be connected to the display’s location.

(Available) Mark Levinson Surround Sound

High-quality audio is provided by the optional 21-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound system, which has been calibrated for the TX’s cabin. Regardless of seating arrangement, the system uses Mark Levinson QLS (Quantum Logic Surround) sound technology to deliver stage-like, full-bodied, balanced tones to every passenger.

Advanced Park (Now Open)

The intelligent driver assistance system may assist with several maneuvers, including parallel and perpendicular parking and leaving. Visual data is provided by 12 ultrasonic sensors and four Parallel View Monitor (PVM) cameras to enable autonomous control of the brake, accelerator, shift, and steering functions.

Digital Lock Featuring Secure Exit Support

Texas implements the Digital Latch technology, which debuted on the 2022 Lexus NX. When a driver exits the premium crossover, standard Digital Latch and Safe Exit Assist may identify an oncoming car or bicycle from the back and prevent the driver from opening the door if it perceives a threat.

Help with Traffic Jams (Available)*

This technology may monitor surrounding traffic in congested, low-speed driving scenarios on restricted access highways and automatically drive ahead and brake as necessary to maintain a defined following distance behind the preceding car. This technology is accessible with an active Drive Connect trial or subscription. Apart from offering hands-free driving support, this technology is engineered to halt the automobile autonomously and retrace its route when oncoming traffic starts moving.

*Required to be subscribed to. 4G network-specific. View the information at

3.0 for the Lexus Safety System

Lexus Safety System+ 3.0, an integrated set of active safety equipment and convenience features, is standard on all TX models for enhanced peace of mind.

The Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Pedestrian Detection is intended to assist in detecting a car, pedestrian, or bike and, in some situations, to issue a forward collision warning using audible and visual means. The technology is intended to enable automated emergency braking at speeds of around 7–110 mph if the driver does not respond. PCS combines millimeter-wave radar and a camera to improve dependability and performance.

Risk Avoidance Emergency Steer Assist: In certain daylight situations, this feature applies light braking and steering to prevent collisions with specifically identified objects inside the lane.

Left Turn Incoming Vehicle Detection/Braking: In specific daylight situations, this feature is intended to sound an alert and initiate automated braking if the system detects a driver turning left in front of an oncoming vehicle.

All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC): This adaptive cruise control system, designed for highway usage, helps maintain the vehicle at a predetermined speed and distance from other cars ahead, even during stop-and-go traffic. It does this by using radar and camera technologies. The device will automatically slow down or even stop the vehicle if it senses it is approaching the predetermined distance. When the road ahead clears at highway speeds, the car resumes its predetermined speed.

Lane Tracing Assist (LTA): LTA uses the lines on the road and the vehicles in front of it to give active driving assistance and help keep the car centered in its lane when DRCC is activated and lane markers are identified.

Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS): The driver will hear warning sounds if the system doesn’t get input from them for a while. The car is safely kept in its lane by EDSS, which activates the danger lights to alert other drivers if no more inputs are detected. Only while driving on expressways with LTA and DRCC engaged can EDSS function.

Lane Departure Alert With Steering Assist (LDA W/SA) – LDA w/SA is intended to provide an audio/visual lane departure warning if an unintentional lane departure is detected at speeds above 32 mph when white/yellow lane markings or specific road edge boundary lines are recognized. The technology also intends to offer mild corrective steering for lane maintenance assistance if the driver makes no corrections.

Road Sign Assist (RSA): This device recognizes and displays an icon for various warning signs, yield signs, stop signs, speed limit signs, Do Not Enter signals, and other symbols on the Multi-Information Display (MID) using an intelligent camera.

Proactive Driving Assist (PDA): Under certain system operating conditions, PDA uses the camera and radar in the car to help with driving tasks like maintaining a safe distance from oncoming traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians, as well as gentle braking and steering into curves.

The 2024 Toyota TX is the first Lexus car to be built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI), where it will be assembled solely. The TX 350 and 500h are already available for purchase, while the TX 550h+ is anticipated to launch in early 2024. When the TX 550h+ goes on sale, pricing information will be provided.


  • The 2024 Lexus TX is a three-row SUV designed to meet North American buyers’ demand for ample space, cutting-edge technology, and performance, with five available classes: Standard, Premium, Luxury, F SPORT Performance Premium, and F SPORT Performance Luxury.
  • The TX is built on the GA-K platform, emphasizing weight distribution and stiffness for a comfortable and dynamic driving experience, guided by the Lexus Driving Signature (LDS) philosophy.
  • The SUV offers three powertrain options: a 2.4L turbocharged inline-4, a 2.4L turbocharged hybrid, and a 3.5L V6 plug-in hybrid, catering to a range of preferences and supporting Lexus’ goal of a carbon-neutral society.
  • Notable features include the Platform for Global Architecture-K (GA-K), three drive modes, a variety of interior options with advanced technology, an available Mark Levinson Surround Sound system, and the integration of Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 for enhanced safety across all TX models.

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The 2024 Lexus TX is not merely a vehicle; it's a symphony of luxury, versatility, and innovation. Zero compromise is the ethos that defines this masterpiece on wheels, setting a new benchmark for what a three-row SUV can achieve. In the world of automotive excellence, the TX stands tall, inviting drivers to experience a journey where opulence and performance harmonize seamlessly.