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5 Luxurious Airport Lounges in The World

By Ruth Perez

Airport lounges are quite the temptation. Airlines realize that not all passengers want to sleep on airport seats, and they’re designing lounges with new amenities for those who can afford them. Premium customers will no longer have their minds blown by an old-school folding chair near the gate or wait in line so that they can charge a phone before taking off!

The days of sleeping through your flight because there were too many people trying out chairs are over now thanks to airlines’ latest innovation: elegant lounge spaces specifically tailored towards high-value clients such as yourself to have a more personalized experience.

The access rules vary from airline to airline, but some require a fee or points. Check with the reservations department about what you’ll need before booking your ticket! And here’s one more. 

If traveling by air within North America (including Canada), it may be necessary to take advantage of all possible benefits offered through frequent flier programs such as the United Express Membership Plan.

Check out the below luxury in-flight lounges.

1. United Polaris Lounge | O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

United Polaris Lounge | Image Source-

United is proud to announce the completion of their first-ever premium class lounge for business customers. The new space features an all-glass facade, complete with comfortable furniture and private spa-like showers stocked up on fine bath products! With 12782 square feet available, there’s plenty of room inside this fabulous Polaris lounges in Los Angeles, where you can work at one of our pull-out desks while enjoying cocktails or dine off-menu by United’s talented restaurant team.

United Airlines has just finished construction on what will be not only a luxurious destination but also serve as ground zero where anyone who flies UA may do so without feeling cramped during boarding processes, thanks largely due to its expansive size.

Long-haul international flights offer a luxurious experience in first-class, with plush seats and more space for your body. Fly United Polaris business class if you want an excellent sleeping mask or enjoy complimentary drinks just because they can!

2. Turkish Airlines | Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Lounge | Image Source Instagram @turkishairlines

Lounge Istanbul is the place to be if you’re looking for an escape from reality. The lounge offers guests many different options and activities that will keep them busy while waiting on their flight, such as sampling regional dishes or foods from around the world (including vegetarian choices), playing golf simulators with cutting edge technology like Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets which put players right in front of themselves making it seem as though they are hitting shots! There’s also plenty more than just gaming available, including reading books at our library or watching movies screened after sunset inside a luxury movie theater complete with a surround sound system, all without ever leaving Lounge Istanbul. 

Turkish Airlines offers two lounges, Istanbul- Ataturk, where business class passengers can fly on Turkish airlines or Miles & Smiles Elite cardholders. Lounge entry is priced at $15 for one day pass or $50 that covers five visits within 90 days of purchase; Gold members also get discounts when traveling with Star Alliance carriers! For more information call the airline’s customer service department.

The other lounge location is inside Tughra Square, which has cheaper rates than their International Business Class Lounger (IBCL) but offers free wifi. At the same time, you mingle among cocktails served by waitresses wearing traditional dresses from Anatolia – don’t forget to tip them well!! 

3. Virgin Atlantic | JFK International Airport, N.Y.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse | Image Source-

Catch up on business in the exclusive Clubhouses of Virgin Atlantic. At Heathrow, you’ll find pampering cocktails and great food with a relaxed atmosphere at one location, while Gatwick’s offers massages for those who need it most! Other locations such as JFK International Airport offer these same amenities but have additional features like pool tables or more space depending upon your needs. So spend some time away from flying after a long day at work by traveling between London’s two airports: Heathrow has its luxurious lounge complete with restaurants serving international cuisine alongside custom-made cocktail creations, making this place perfect for relaxation without any worry about logistics.

Clubhouse days are for the elite few. Club members can enjoy reserved seating in Clubhouses, exclusive food and drink menus from top chefs on board with them at all times of day or night (including breakfast!), as well as bottle service options that will make any passenger feel like royalty!

Club House allows only confirmed customers to purchase their tickets: First/Main Cabin Select passengers; Platinum Elevate Gold Memberships holders  ; and Flyingclubgold members must buy a Day Pass before boarding.

4. Emirates First Class | Dubai International Airport, Dubai

Photo: Emirates First Class Lounge (Gates C)/ Wan Chotikavan

The Emirate’s business lounges are world-class, but they also have a First Class lounge for those who want the best of both worlds. Located on Concourse A in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport, it offers luxurious amenities and service that will make you feel right at home while waiting out your layover before another adventure begins.

A few words about this incredible place: The first thing I noticed when entering was how elegant everything looked – from soft lighting fixtures hanging overhead to wood paneling lining every wall; not only does this airport possess some really fancy international cuisine (think Indian vegetarian dishes), there’s even an exclusive cigar bar where one can shiver sipping hot drinks by themselves away if need be!

Enjoy the best lounges in Dubai, where you can meet and greet your traveling companion. Access to these exclusive clubs has been made available for Platinum members, along with their guests regardless of class on Emirates tickets – so long as they are flying within the same program!

For First Class passengers, there is even more free stuff: access into this luxurious lounge after just one stopover at any airport location OR before boarding during check-in hours (whatever suits them better!) The amenities here include full food service by top chefs right down the aisle way; cocktails served all day, including good drinks and wine options, too, if that’s what suits you fancy.

5. Finnair Lounge | Helsinki Airport, Helsinki, Finland

Finnair Lounge | Image Source-

Finnair Lounges at Helsinki Airport include every type of amenity you could imagine, from Finnish saunas to private shower suites and play areas for kids. There are also gourmet snacks and beverages available in each lounge!

You’ll be waiting a while before your next flight when lounging with FinnAir onsite. The company provides luxurious amenities like hot breakfasts or other foods guaranteed to refresh travelers after long flights abroad. 

The Premium Lounge is open to Platinum and Gold members of their flying program plus one guest. You can also get in if your Emerald card allows for it! If not, then call up ahead of time or check out what sites say before traveling just in case there are any more restrictions on who may enter when applying through email.

The rules state that this area will be available only while departing flights operated by Oneworld airlines, so make sure they offer service whenever possible when booking tickets online.

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