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Austin Pedal Cars is introducing a brand-new J40 Continuation Car.

By Antonio Perez

Rev up your excitement as Austin Pedal Cars unveils a thrilling addition to their lineup‚ÄĒthe J40 Continuation Car. Get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey with this modern take on a classic favorite, promising to redefine the joy of pedal-powered adventures.

Key Takeaways
  • Austin Pedal Cars introduces the J40 Continuation Car, blending cutting-edge design with the timeless charm of a classic pedal car.
  • Explore the meticulous craftsmanship behind the J40 Continuation Car, showcasing a commitment to detail that pays homage to the original model.

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At the 2023 Goodwood Revival, Austin Pedal Cars debuted the final development version of the J40 Continuation, and it is now official that the world has seen the finished production vehicle. The new J40 Continuation marks a significant turning point for Austin Pedal Cars as well as the Austin brand, as it is the first new Austin Pedal car since the original J40’s manufacture ceased in 1971.

The recently released Austin J40 Continuation is a stunning recreation of the beloved historic J40 pedal vehicle, manufactured from 1949 to 1971 and brought back to life by fusing cutting-edge technology with time-honored design elements. Despite a familiar appearance, the automobile drastically differs from the original model. It has few features in common, being the product of nearly three years of internal development.

The weeks-long, expertly crafted process of hand-forming the aluminum body results in a classic appearance while significantly lowering the total weight. New headlamps and a redesigned Austin emblem perched atop a gorgeous, newly designed chrome grille make a good first impression. In addition to offering the driver more support upon entering the cabin, the sturdy and lightweight Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel is a stunning visual feature. The driver can see the actual speed on Smith’s electronic gauges, which also function as a clock and GPS. The amount of charge remaining in the battery, which can be recharged, powers the car’s lights and recently redesigned horn. Together with a redesigned handbrake lever and mechanism and a key-operated ignition that activates the battery-powered features, a gorgeous, handcrafted leather seat completes the design.

Although the Austin J40 appears vintage, its powertrain updates it for the present day. The meticulously developed pedal system has undergone several revisions and years of testing to produce a lightweight, powerful, and well-balanced pedaling experience. It is intended to provide the best possible combination of performance and driving effort.

Photo: Austin Pedal Cars

The J40 Continuation Powertrain is a piece of art in its most basic form. Packed with innovative features, such as the powerful disc brake, custom rack, and pinion steering, it is the most sophisticated pedaling system ever installed on an Austin J40. Built nearly entirely of billet aluminum CNC-machined, this instrument was initially created in Solidworks CAD, with hundreds of virtual development miles under its pedals to achieve perfection.

“Every element of this car has been over-engineered, taking a current automotive design and development approach to create the finest pedal car in the world,” stated Austin Pedal Cars’ engineering manager, Christophe Pennequin. By utilizing the most recent cutting-edge technical technologies available to us, like additive manufacturing, virtual analysis, and 3D design, we have brought back the allure of the iconic Austin J40 while creating an utterly contemporary version. We believe that the original automobile was perfectly engineered in 1949 using its available resources. To do this justice, we are constructing the car perfectly again using the resources accessible to us now.

Compared to a traditional model, the J40 Continuation will be easier for all young drivers to manage, pedal, and stop. Even though its proportions stay the same, its lighter body simplifies transporting and maneuvering.

The first batch of J40 Continuation vehicles will be a limited-edition model known as the Legacy Edition. It is a gorgeously equipped vehicle with several unique features, such as shining Ensign Red paintwork that perfectly echoes the original color available at the time.

There will only be 49 Legacy Edition vehicles, a number selected to commemorate the 1949 factory opening of the first Austin Pedal Cars, a significant event in both automotive and cultural history. The Legacy name and chassis number, shown on a unique plate and corresponding to the original car’s numbers, further enhance the J40 Continuation’s rarity and guarantee that it will be a wise investment for families and collectors. 

Photo: Austin Pedal Cars

“The Austin team was proud to launch the J40 Continuation at the 2023 Goodwood Revival, following the showing of our chassis concept at the 2022 event,” stated Mark Burnett, Managing Director of Austin Pedal Cars. For the entire three days, the car drew the attention of the spectators, and we were happy to collect deposits to guarantee the construction of some of the first J40 Continuations. The J40 Continuation represents the beginning of a new chapter in the Austin saga and a new era for pedal automobiles.

In April of this year, Austin Pedal Cars unveiled a brand-new store at Bicester Heritage. The showroom’s objectives were to display the best vintage J40s available for purchase, provide an extensive selection of Austin components and accessories, and serve as the home of the J40 Continuation. Viewing of the J40 Continuation Legacy Edition is now by appointment on-site. It was first seen during the October Scramble in its final development stage.

“The Austin Pedal Cars J40 Continuation is the result of years of work by the Austin team,” Mark Burnett said in his conclusion. The fact that the original cars are still in use and enjoyed today is evidence of the excellent job the Austin crew performed with them in the late 1940s. We went to great lengths to ensure the new car was authentic to the original, but we also elevated the J40 to new heights. The end product is a fantastic engineering achievement and a gorgeous pedal car that can be appreciated as a work of automotive art or driven by young people. We cordially invite anybody interested in scheduling a private viewing to contact us as we await its second unveiling at our Bicester Heritage shop.

Specification for the Austin J40 Continuation Legacy:

robust, supple, and adaptable SystemSystem of rack and pinion steering

dependable, movable pedal gear

Bearings that glide freely for smooth cycling

Aluminum artillery wheels with hub caps plated in chrome

Ensign Red paint was used to complete the sculptured aluminum bodywork.

Electrics controlled by an ignition key, including a functional instrument panel, horn, and headlights

Smith GPS speedometer, clock, and “fuel” gauge all work.

Tan leather handbrake guard and seats with the Austin brand

System of rear disc handbrakes with cable operation

Spark plugs and a rocker cover are used to open the hood.

Accessing and storing the battery when booting up

Tires: Austin Cord

cozy three-spoke wooden rim Soft embroidered inside vehicle cover for the Legacy edition Moto-Lita steering wheel

Austin’s “sandwich satchel” is made of leather with an official factory certificate

Particular leather document folder including an Austin pen and an Austin toolkit

The Legacy Edition costs £25,000.

Visit this link for further information about the Austin J40 Continuation:

The J40 Austin

The 1948 A40 Devon and Dorset was the model for the Austin J40 pedal car, now well-known for the kids’ Settrington Cup at Goodwood Revival. Austin Motor Company Limited first produced the Austin J40 pedal vehicle in England.

A specifically built facility known as the Austin Junior Automobile Facility was established in 1949 and produced each automobile in South Wales. The company was run entirely to employ wounded coal miners looking for new careers after injury; it was not for profit.

Pedal vehicles were constructed and painted to resemble the real thing using leftover scrap metal from the Austin plant in Longbridge. Functional headlights, a functional horn, removable wheels with Dunlop tires, a realistic facia panel, and leather or cloth upholstery were all standard. Each automobile also had chrome bumpers, hub caps, grilles, boot handles, and opening bonnets and boots.

Before manufacturing ended in September 1971, 32,098 Austin J40 pedal vehicles were produced and distributed worldwide. Even though the buying price was equal to two weeks of the typical wage, most were sold to families so that children could enjoy them. Many were featured in driving safety videos or utilized as amusement attractions.

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As we introduce the J40 Continuation Car, we're not just unveiling a pedal car; we're unlocking a portal to cherished memories. It's a celebration of craftsmanship, a nod to nostalgia, and a promise of unparalleled joy for both the young and the young at heart.