One&Only One Za’abeel

Dubai’s Skyline Revolution: Inside the City’s 3 Most Opulent New Urban Resorts

By Jessica Pena

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Revamping Dubai’s Skyline: High-End Urban Resorts Revolutionize Hospitality

The hospitality scene in Dubai is constantly changing as the city, known for its avant-garde design and extravagant lifestyle, introduces new urban resorts that shake up traditional ideas of city stays. New hotels in Dubai, like the Dorchester Collection’s Lana and the One&Only One Za’abeel, provide guests with serene retreats from the city’s hustle and bustle and breathtaking views of the city’s famous skyline.

Located in the very center of Dubai, One&Only One Za’abeel is like a vertical oasis.

The debut of One&Only One Za’abeel on January 1, 2024, marked the beginning of the brand’s venture into urban resorts. This home, located in the impressive One Za’abeel complex, offers a perfect combination of urban living and resort-style luxury.

Distinctions: – Cutting-edge design showcasing “The Link,” a cantilever spanning seven hundred and fifty feet that links two skyscrapers

  • Stunning vistas of the Burj Khalifa and the rest of Dubai’s skyline
  • “Sanctuary Suites” crafted for the pinnacle of tranquility and luxury
    Wellness treatments with a view are available at the 28th-floor Longevity Hub.
  • The expansive Arrazuna Turkish dining hall, which showcases a diverse array of cuisines
One&Only One Za’abeel occupies a portion of one of Dubai’s best new towers.Courtesy of One&Only One Za’abeel

Exceptional Dining: The Link is home to a wide variety of restaurants and pubs that showcase the cuisine of acclaimed chefs from around the globe, including:
(Wakuda Tetsuya)
— Anne-Paco Morales -Sophie Pic

With a view of Dubai’s futuristic skyline and an assortment of international cuisines, these restaurants are sure to liven up the city’s already thriving eating scene.

Distinct Advantages: – The longest cantilever in the world, which houses unforgettable dining experiences
Combining city life with resort-style comforts

  • An adult-oriented kids’ club that competes with One&Only

Guests of the One&Only One Za’abeel can enjoy a luxurious urban hideaway for as little as $835 per night.

The Middle Eastern Debut of The Lana: Dorchester Collection

When it opens to the public on February 1, 2024, The Lana will bring the trademark opulence of the Dorchester Collection to the Business Bay area of Dubai. Located on the Dubai Canal, this 30-story skyscraper by Foster + Partners brings a new standard of elegance to the neighborhood.

Suites at the new One&Only are designed as sanctuaries.Courtesy of One&Only One Za’abeel

Setting the Scene: – Bold floral designs coexist with wood and marble in a seamless design.

  • Ingenious design decisions that bring European grandeur to the UAE – Rich, sensual environment created by jewel-toned velvets and various textures

Remarkable Qualities:
Spanish chef Martín Berasategui’s Basque restaurant Jara has a vibrant pink bar and subdued lighting.
Txakolina is a private cigar bar that has a speakeasy vibe.
The Dior Spa is a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation, decorated in the characteristic Toile de Jouy pattern. The duplex suites include mirrored ceilings, large baths, and views of the city.

The Lana Promenade: Situated on the waterfront, this brand-new restaurant is sure to be a hit with locals and visitors to the city of Dubai, adding to the already impressive array of dining options available.

The Lana provides an elegant urban retreat that strikes a perfect blend of style and tranquility, with prices beginning at around $925 per night.

Reimagining City Vacations

By emphasizing leisure and relaxation, both One&Only One Za’abeel and The Lana are redefining the concept of city hotels:

Enjoy afternoon leisure with spectacular views at Tapasake at One&Only, which boasts the country’s longest infinity pool.
Training sessions with AC Milan players are just one of the unique experiences offered by the fitness-focused hotel SIRO at One Za’abeel.
Guests at The Lana’s Palm Jumeirah have the option of using a private beach that may be reached by boat or Rolls-Royce.

Airy and architectural, the dining spaces at One&Only One Za’abeel offer incredible city views.Courtesy of One&Only One Za’abeel

An Upsurge in City Serenity

A rising trend in Dubai’s hospitality business, as shown in these new hotels, is the establishment of tranquil areas amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. These hotels provide a haven of tranquility in the middle of Dubai’s bustling atmosphere, appealing to tourists who are looking for a mix of city discovery and resort relaxation.

The Lana and One&Only One Za’abeel are two examples of the new wave of ultra-luxurious Dubai hotels that are emerging as the city grows in popularity. They demonstrate that, in a city renowned for its excellence, innovation in hospitality is still a key factor, offering guests new ways to see Dubai.

These city resorts provide a new spin on urban luxury with unrivaled views and world-class facilities, perfect for vacationers seeking a different perspective on Dubai. Dubai is always pushing the envelope when it comes to urban hotel experiences, even while the hospitality industry changes around it.

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