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Next year, The Standard will launch a new hotel brand, with its first location in Melbourne.

Ironically, The Conventional in Hollywood was anything but conventional when it first opened in 1999. From poolside parties to late-night club nights, the hotel’s reputation as the hippest place on the block attracted many people. Since then, The Standard brand has developed, launching venues with sophisticated designs worldwide—of course, mixed in with a hint of that original wild side. However, The Standard is introducing a new idea dubbed The StandardX after 25 years; its first location will open in February



Examining Dita Von Teese’s opulent New Vegas wardrobe in More Detail 

The uncontested contemporary burlesque queen, Dita Von Teese, inaugurated her new residency, A Jubilant Revue, last Thursday. The 75-minute spectacle, which is being presented at the famed Jubilee Theater at the Horseshoe Las Vegas, is a chic tribute to Jubilee!, one of the most well-known revue shows on the Strip in Vegas and the final showgirl production of its sort, which ran from 1981 to 2016. Von Teese exclaims, “I was a huge fan of the Jubilee!” When I used to travel to Vegas, I would frequently visit it. I adored the diamonds and feathers,

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