Blue Crocodile Hermes Birkin Handbag | Image Source- Pinterest

Extravagant Handbags in The World

By Ruth Perez

Handbags play different roles for different individuals. For some, they are a practical accessory that allows them to keep their stuff and not struggle with carrying them around while traveling and going about their daily business. It is also an expression of style for some people like it is used in branding or branding oneself.

For others, handbags can be an extravagance that contributes to the total value of someone’s assets. Some choose the most expensive bags as a way of flaunting their affluence and others take pride in having only the finest things even if everyone else has it too. If you know how much high-end handbags cost or what makes them so costly, then this extravagant purse worth thousands of dollars should make sense to you:

1. Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamonds Purse

1001 Nights Diamonds Purse | Image Source – The Mouawad

This extravagant handbag variety is handcrafted by Mouawad, a Parisian jeweler. It has 1001 diamonds studded all over the exterior and weighs 2.2 kilograms (4 pounds). The bag is adorned with 398 pearls and it took about 18 hours to finish making one piece.

This handbag variety comes in five colors: black, red, white, yellow, and orange; but besides these color variations, there are no other differences between them aesthetically or otherwise apart from their prices which range from $ 1 million to $ 3.8 million US dollars. This purse was made available for purchase during SalonQP 2011 at London’s Royal Garden Hotel where it was displayed on an equally luxurious stand along with an equally expensive watch collection by Breguet.

2. Ginza Tanaka’s Hermis Berkin Bag

Hermis Berkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka | Image Source – Pinterest

The most expensive bag in the world is only available for purchase through an application form and it must be bought and delivered to your doorstep by security personnel. It has been designed by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka and is made from 100% platinum with two karats of diamond on its exterior.

This remarkable handbag has eight detachable parts, which include: a removable 8-karat pear-shaped stone centerpiece that can be worn as a brooch, a 4-inch diameter circle that can also be detached and used as a ring or pendant, etc. The remaining parts are the exquisite purse, shoulder belt, wallet, and key case. The memorable Hermes Berkin bag costs about $ 1.8 million US dollars but basic models measuring 18 inches in height without a shoulder belt are also available for a much more modest price of $ 46,000.

3. Cleopatra Clutch by Lana Mark

Cleopatra Clutch | Image Source – Lana Mark

This extravagant handbag by Lana Mark is considered the most expensive in the world. It is handmade with American alligator leather and covered with 16 hundred diamonds of 40-karats. The exterior is made of pink gold and studded with pink diamonds to match the color of her dress while she was attending an event. Other than that it also has her name inscribed on its exterior which makes it even more priceless since only one piece was created for this specific use.

The Cleopatra Clutch costs $ 400,000 US dollars but similar products are sold within a range between $ 100,000 to $ 400,000 US dollars at Lana Mark’s shop. Only two models of this extravagant handbag exist so far; one for Li Bingbing, the Chinese celebrity singer, and actress who is also known for her charitable activities.

4. Goyard Tote Bag

Goyard Tote Bag | Image Source – Goyard Images

Goyard is a French luxury brand that retails handbags, totes, and trunks; but its most expensive product happens to be their tote bag which costs $ 21,100 US dollars in their online store. The exterior features a dramatic black and white Damier design while it has an interior lining in red and cotton material. Being handmade it takes time to produce one model; up to three weeks depending on the volume of orders received by them at the time.

The Goyard trunk collection easily matches or even exceeds the extravagant price tags of this luxury handbag. They also have a personalization system where one can request to have their names inscribed on the exterior, however it is only available in certain cities at present.

5. Chanel’s Diamond Forever Handbag

Diamond Forever Handbag | Image Source – Pinterest

This luxurious bag by Chanel is the most expensive handbag in the world. It is covered with five hundred and thirty-four diamonds of 3.56 karats and has a simple design with a classy and elegant look. This limited edition by Chanel is quite the opposite of the rest of their products which have an equally expensive but more extravagant design.

The Chanel Diamond Forever Handbag can be purchased at a price tag of $ 261,000 US dollars and has a detachable strap that is made of 18-karat gold chain while its interior is lined with luxurious fabric to match the color chosen by the buyer out of four colors: coral, light beige, black or gray. The exterior has a simple design with a single line of leather stitched across the middle while some parts are in pure white compared to others where it becomes diamond-like appearance.

6. Blue Crocodile Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Blue Crocodile Bag | Image Source – Youtube

This remarkable extravagant handbag is made of 100% blue crocodile skin on its exterior with an interior that features luxurious leather. This unique design by Hermes is their most expensive handbag in the world and costs $ 150,000 US dollars which makes it the most precious too. The exterior also has a lock system to keep all of your important items safe inside along with some accessories including a ring, bracelet, etc.

Hermes Berkin is one of their basic models made for everyday use while they have other more extravagant designs like Crocodile Azur Kelly for $ 35,000 or Confusion Rivet for $ 550,000; both were designed by French fashion designer Jean-Louis Dumas who was very passionate about designing bags inspired from fruit shapes like apples and pears.

7. Louis Vuitton’s Urban Satchel Bag

Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton | Image Souce – Pinterest

This line of satchel bags is made of baby’s diaper and cigarette packs, old bills, and chewing-gum wrappers as-fabricated patchwork. It is creativity at its height because the brand has managed to make a cool profit on this exclusive item that has become one of the most expensive handbags in the world.

This incredible design consists of an urban patchwork effect that is created through jumbled-up patches of old cigarette packets, chewing gum wrappers, subway tickets, etc. The final result was revealed at the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week where it caught everyone’s attention right away.

The design consists of an interior that is available in flaps made with luxurious Caviar leather while the exterior has a plain monogram coated canvas all over except for certain parts which have random pieces stuck to its surface. Its price tag of $ 150,000 US dollars currently makes it one of the most expensive handbags ever!

8. Hilde Pallandino Gadino Bag

Hilde Palladino Gadino Bag | Image Souce – Pinterest

With supple leather, this extravagant handbag has an intriguing design. It is designed by Hilde Palladino, a well-known fashion designer from Norway, and the exterior is completely covered with 43 white diamonds of 10 karats while its interior has cotton lining material to give it a very luxurious feel.

Moreover, its exterior has a tasteful design with thirty-nine white diamonds of 10 karats fixed on the front side and four more added to its clasps so that it can be opened easily. The price tag for this extravagant handbag is $ 38,470 US dollars.

Order one of these bags right away and enjoy the feeling that exceeds your highest expectations because it can be a perfect present for your wife or girlfriend.

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