Hotels and Resorts for a Lifetime of Luxury and Adventure – Finest of All

By Ruth Perez

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Best resorts and hotels in the world play a pivotal role in the travel and tourism industry, offering travelers a place to stay while they are on vacation. Condé Naste Traveler’s annual reader polls determine which destinations earn the honor of being on their “ Readers’ Choice Awards” list. This year, CNTX asked you – our beloved audience- to choose from three great lists: The Hot List recognizes new and notable places; an All-Time Faves nonspecifically catalogs popular favorites throughout history (with suggestions like cathedrals); then there is also what readers call “The LongWinded.” 

This final selection includes everything from beaches around the world to favorite beers brewed in Colorado!

Let’s get to the article. What if you could have the best of everything? Imagine waking up in one of your dream hotels, or taking a jet ski ride through beautiful beaches. Now that would be living life to its fullest! We all want more than just to survive each day; we are seeking adventure and relaxation without boundaries – but where should one go when they need help finding these things within themselves as well? This article is about some incredible destinations around the world with rich cultural heritage that offer something special for travelers looking beyond typical hotels/resorts…

1. Grootbos Private Nature Reserve | South Africa

The Garden Lodge | Image Courtesy – The Grootbos

Grootbos, a private reserve on the fynbos slopes near Walker Bay in South Africa is home to 889 plant species and seven previously unknown ones. The property has been managed by Michael Lutzeyer who employed some of Cape Town’s best botanists entomologists for this rare treasure trove that he calls ‘Grootbo another word for paradise’.

This is one of the hotels with lodges that are sleek an contemporary but there’s always time outside – from tracking elusive animals like Aardvark or Capreolus capreolus (the common fiscal)to exploring nature at your own pace. Just when you think the Most famous National Park in Africa can’t get any more beautiful, they recruit a new attraction. The lodges are glassy and contemporary but there’s always something going on outside- from tracking elusive animals like Aardvarks or Cape Leopards to having lantern lit dinners under thousands of years old milkwood trees! I’ve even ridden horses across beaches while looking for sea caves that may have been used thousand year ago during ancient times.

Grootbos is a carbon-negative resort that strives to make the experience as close to natural environments as possible. They do this by growing their food on-site and using locally sourced materials, which gives guests an authentic African safari feel without ever leaving California!

Doubles at $895

2. Four Seasons Resort, Jumeriah Beach | Dubai

Main Entrance | Image Courtesy – Four Seasons Beach Reosrt, Dubai

The best of both worlds, this beachfront hotel offers a calm retreat from the bustle of city life yet still feels like you’re in Dubai. With elegant marble floors and gold leaf ceilings that make it feel like your escape is worth every penny (or dirham), our rooms offer guests all they need for an unforgettable stay abroad while being close enough to explore what makes Emirati culture so unique! There are always couples heading to the beach at night, where they can sit by an enormous fire while it’s still light outside. The staff around these pools seem ready with citrus shooters and blueberry muffins for those who want something more substantial than wine or beer- not that either would be bad in this setting! 

What’s not to love about Dubai and its hotels? The city is a mecca for those who appreciate luxury, sun,, and sea. It has treatments designed by Swiss anti-aging guru Pauline Burgener or vegetarian food at Folia restaurant such as detox salads made with fresh produce from their garden in collaboration with local chefs that run across all price ranges; there are also plenty of other options if you’re looking more indulgent items like yellowtail ceviche served up near the Elements brasserie near Burj Khalifa! But this isn’t just any ordinary destination either – it has something here perfect no matter what your taste buds may desire: whether its steakhouse creations crafted inside one iconic skyscraper (the Jumeirah. 

Doubles from $540

3. Shinta Mani Wild | Cambodia

The Botanist Tent | Image Courtesy – Bensley Collection, Shinta Mani Wild

You arrive at Shinta Mani Wild by army four-wheel drive and zip wire over the forest canopy. This is one of the most thrilling resorts and the thing about it isn’t that you are deep, but rather your grins meet with Khmer G&T beside the rushing river while exploring this lush wilderness. The Bensley Estate is a magical, orchid-filled rain forest between three national parks. It was bought by Mr. and Mrs., who were able to enjoy its luxuries while protecting this precious place from logging/mining interests for future generations to get access too! The estate offers guests decadent tents along the river with housemade herbal tonics at your disposal; you can also take time out during any stay here Sking under Raging Sister waterfalls which will make all worries seem small. 

While the most fulfilling part about our experience was joining an anti-poaching patrol team, with their AK 47s slung across shoulders and love for all things jungle. Shinta Mani Wild isn’t just some airy piece of greenwashing; this is the real thing!

Doubles from $920

4. Bvlgari Hotel | Beijing 

The Restaurant | Image Courtesy – Bvlgari Hotel

The city of Beijing is a place where the pace quickens your heart rate and makes you feel like there’s no time to waste. The imperial core, with its temples for heaven as well drum tower has an atmosphere so intense it could make anyone want to to explore these ancient places said by many spine-chilling tales over generations. 

When the light is just right, you can find some peace in this bustling city. A soothing presence reminds us to take time for ourselves and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, a Swiss landscape designer’s idea of zen perfection on earth excavation  of a green space where children play while parents chat nearby under shady trees with views towards Beihai Park across tranquil waters. 

The inside of this place is like an Asian dream. This is one of the hotels with a dreamy nature. There are golds, blacks,, and crisp white walls that contrast nicely with archival photographs hanging on the sides as well to folding copper screens for a touch more drama in their space while you’re lounging around or working away at one of many desks appointed throughout each level – all smoothly tactile things made from leather-paneled panels after which point your eyes will be drawn towards something sleek yet sturdy: namely, Sofas lined up against windows looking out over downtown Chicago’s skyline beyond!).

Doubles from $583

5. Soneva Fushi | Maldives

Sunset Villa | Image Courtesy – Soneva Fushi Gallery

One of the main reasons Soneva Island continues to draw visitors year after year, despite a steady stream of new Maldives openings is its lush greenery. There are as many tropical fruit-bearing plants in this region as there ever was blue sky and sea! The harmonious piano music that fills the air is only matched by Soneva’s commitment to sustainability. This started way before it became a buzzword, as they were one of the first companies in their industry to offer recycling bins for customers and install electric vehicle charging stations at every hotel nationwide!

Villas from $2000

6. Aman | Tokyo

Photo – aman (IG)

Japan is a country of contrasting elements—some would say it has more than its fair share. One thing that’s not often associated with this land, though? Relaxation! I registered the absence shortly after checking into Aman Tokyo–an hour or so worth of float sessions above ground level thanks to my meditation teacher who showed me some tricks from their practice sessions before we both relaxed our minds for what felt like forever while taking in vibrant sunset views through glass windows. 

The original concept of African safari hotels in the big city was not as bold then it seems now. But when you enter this luxurious hotel, with its towering ceiling and abstract blooms on display for all to see; Your eyes are immediately drawn up towards those who come here looking for relaxation or adventure – whether they’re tourists from around the world seeking something new about themselves through travel adventures such as hiking trails outside doors (which lead into mountains!), residents taking time out during their hectic days at work just Manuel Nature outings- and Aman got them covered! 

Doubles from $975

7. Six Senses Yao Noi, Ko Yao | Thailand

The Hilltop Pool | Image Courtesy – Six Senses Yao Noi

The soft colors of indigo and violet give way to starlight as night falls, bringing with it the scent of flowers like a lotus that bloom in Phang Nga Bay. A silhouette appears on the horizon; it’s a dragon​s ​head poking out from behind some jagged cliffs – this would be an excellent spot for snorkeling! As soon as you see them come alive before your eyes there is nothing else left but silence because birds don’t sing or tweet here anymore due to to their lack-of​noise pollution environment which makes communication very easy among creatures living near each other.

What are you waiting for? Pack up your sunblock and get ready to enjoy a day at the spa! The lush greenery of this island is perfect in all seasons, but it’s especially beautiful when there are no other people around. You’ll feel like royalty here with private villas that have their pool overlooking views from above or sea-level views below (both equally amazing). If relaxation sounds good after days spent exploring then take one last dip before heading off into town; guaranteed everyone will envy what they see upon walking through the doors of Six Senses.

Doubles from $950

8. The Farm at Cape Kidnappers, Hawke’s Bay | New Zealand

Owner’s Cottage | Image Courtesy – Cape Kidnappers

The 6,000-acre working farm is a hidden gem on the North Island’s South Pacific coast. The scenic landscape and serene place offer breathtaking views as well an opportunity for adventure seekers who want to explore nature or enjoy some time away from city life in this quiet setting amidst native forest trees with majestic mountains beyond them all around you’re nurtured into feeling at one again after your journey here has finished – because what else could complete us but being surrounded by such beauty?

This is one of the hotels with the fines architecture. Architecture at this sanctuary is a gracious mix of modern and traditional, with soaring ceilings that offer spectacular views. The 22 cottages are all unique in their way – some have fireplaces while others include agricultural tools for those who want to get hands-on during their stay here! There’s also an extensive sea cliff walkthrough where you can spot seabirds or seals communing together below on land forged by time itself into something beautiful again. 

What’s not to love about The Farm? You’ll meet other ruddy-cheeked guests over abalone like moon shell clams and local lamb after a day’s adventures. I sleep better at this hideaway, as the gulls cry from nowhere else they need be on their way home from an eventful existence while we take in all that nature has offered us – including sunsets so spectacular you won’t want them to end here! 

$1600 Upwords

9. Anassa, Poli | Cyprus

Panorama Suite | Image Courtesy – Anassa Hotel

This is amongst hotels offering oceanfront settings and it is one reason why guests return year after year. Life feels supremely comfortable in Anassa’s immaculate white buildings tumbling down the hillside to their coffee-colored beach below! The 23-year old hillside estate has always been classic, even after a renovation in 2016. A French interior designer with an eye for elegant creams and Hampton’s nautical stripes including one of the grounded glass roofs on arrival will amuse you like no other! 

Anassa is a place where you can enjoy the sun and beautiful scenery while caring for your children. They offer babysitting services, family photography sessions (including portraits of all members), as well other amenities that make it easy to keep coming back!

Doubles from $540

10. Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Antibes | France

Villa Sainte Anne | Image Courtesy – Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is amongst the finest hotels offering guests the chance to live out their film set fantasies. You’ll feel as if time has stopped and you’re in a movie set during Hollywood’s golden era. The luxurious hotel is infused with sunlight, making it seem like someone turned on an old projector because all of these memories are coming back to life again just for this moment! You are just so well taken care of, and fed. You will have such a great time on this vacation that even when it’s finally over you won’t want to leave!

Doubles from $740

11. Relais Borgo Santo Pietro, Siena | Italy

Photo: borgosantopietro

Hacienda Los Arcos is a 300-acre estate in Tuscany with an unrivaled location. This is one of the fabulous hotels on hilly landscape and winding roads that make for some scenic views, while also offering plenty of opportunities to explore the region’s more rugged side – all without ever leaving the property! The food at Borgo Santo Pietro is not only delicious but also organic and sourced locally. The spa amenities include face oils made with ingredients grown in their beautiful gardens, while the staff brings you silver trays filled with deliciously fluffy chips unless they think that service might be too much work!

The ricotta coming out of this place sounds amazing- it comes from sheep we’ve seen walking around on long walks through farms or forests; there’s no better way to enjoy an Italian meal than by eating what they serve here when all these yummy flavors come together – lavender flowers.

Guests can indulge in a day of wine tasting at Borgo’s tumble of vineyards. There’s a six-foot-deep swimming hole, complete with waterfalls and fountains that are on the property but open for all guests from nearby villages! Closer to your villa is this beautiful wall beside fresh vegetables where pilgrims walked during medieval times – it even has shade trees so you’ll be able to make s’mores after exploring these historic grounds

Doubles from $760

12. Belmond Hotel Splendido & Belmond Splendido Mare | Italy

Photo: belmondhotelsplendido (IG)

The intimate offshoot of Belmond’s Splendido is amongst the splendid harborside hotels that started life as a Benedictine monastery before becoming famous for movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor who had four honeymoons there. The 14-room Mare has also been given an exquisite makeover by Parisians Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay which includes tiles made locally along with nautical nods like knots woven into headboards in quietly lavish rooms; Gio Ponti armchairs rich Loro Piana fabrics inside its beautiful walls painted battleship gray color tone.

The food at Portofino, though exquisite and luxurious in style will never be seen as loudly celebrated. This is a place where you can enjoy your meal without being bothered by others around or even notice that other people are eating nearby- it’s discreetly elegant but also homey with its simple dishes created from ingredients found locally near the coastlines of Liguria. 

Doubles from $650

13. The Ritz-Carlton, Abama | Spain

Imperial Suite | Image Courtesy – The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton, Abama is amongst those hotels that has a sense of humor about itself; it’s not all business. The architecture is slightly surreal and multilayered with echoes from across cultures that make you feel like you’re walking through someone’s exotic garden maze–a place to get happily lost in between all those palm trees or curving walkways lined by aquamarine pools framed sharply against night skies. 

From the moment you arrive at this boutique hotel, it is clear that something else exists in addition to Volcanic Mount Teide and White Sand Beach. The fact that there’s an entire another island nearby with even more spectacular views only adds to what makes Tenerife so unique – especially for those looking not just to escape but also some fun adventure!

This is one of the amazing hotels with restaurants and bars that are all very unique, with many Michelin stars to their name; there’s also a kids’ club where they let children unleash their inner artist by drawing on walls plastered in Cow Parade drawings. And if that wasn’t enough for them—or even YOU! There’s an award-winning spa located within this hotel which takes inspiration from Roman baths while offering treatments such as acupuncture & massage therapy under the hot towels. 

Doubles from $500

14. Finca Cortesin, Malaga | Spain

The Golf Ground | Image Courtesy – Finca Cortesin

Finca Cortesin is a hidden gem located just outside of Marbella in the foothills between Sotogrande. The labels on these wines aren’t exactly mainstream, but they’re worn understatedly; I think about it as less somewhere you go to be seen and more simply come upon with its rustic doors salvaged from old castles mixed amongst other local furniture pieces like oil paintings or antiques taken across Spain Portugal Morocco – through bright pops color are used throughout bedrooms where fabric-covered walls make them feel warm despite being otherwise coldhearted!.

Amongst hotels with great intimacy, this hotel is matched only by its size. Rene Zimmer’s team makes you feel very much at home in an environment that technically hosts golf games but does not perceive itself as such, instead of of focusing on authentic takes from Spain for their patrons’ classics with outdoor walks outside El Jardín de Lutz after dinner reservations have been made. 

Doubles from $700

15. One&Only Palmilla | Mexico

Junior Suite | Image Courtesy – One&only Palmilla

As you arrive at this spot on the very tip of Baja Peninsula, it’s hard not to feel like a returned customer. The staff is third-generation employees who remember your name and what kind of margarita or yoga mat setup suits best for room service – which means they’ll be able to set up anything from heavy hitters like An Provision Company beer goggles (we have them in every color) throughout spring training until Labor Day!

Compared to hotels with great architecture, this hotel is a mix between Hispanics and whitewashing. The interior design features textiles that are embroidered by hand, plus there are also private butlers for guests! Palmilla is a hidden gem in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. With its secluded location on one of Mexico’s only swimmable beaches, it has become an exclusive getaway for movie stars and other celebrities alike since Hollywood’s elite flocked here during filming days gone by– decades ago! 

Doubles from $1330

16. Nayara Springs | Costa Rica

Photo: nayararesorts (IG)

Nayara’s eco-retreat in central Costa Rica is one of the hotels with an oasis of relaxation and contemplation. The private plunge pool, mug steaming coffee from the bookstore pouring hot springs (which were not cut down), viewing deck with wild landscapes below make for perfect early morning awakes to start your day off right! The sound of leaves crunching underfoot is a common occurrence at Nayara, where you can find three-toed sloths in abundance. They’re not just hiding out among the trees though; if they need some help getting back onto their feet after being injured or sick then look no further than their greeter Tony! 

By day, the hotel grounds are a sanctuary for jungle toads and morpho butterflies. You can take guided night walks around this lush green valley where you will see many more creatures up close as well! At Nayara it’s also possible not only to hike up some Volcano hills but enjoy an amazing meal or glass of wine before bedtime with breathtaking views from your terrace off into forest depths cluttered only by tree frogs croaking away happily all unaware that they’re partaking in white noise just like humans do when sleeping – blissfully unaware!

Doubles from $1175

17. The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel | New York

Main Entrance | Image Courtesy – The Carlyle

What’s more New York than a classic cocktail and some piano? Situated at the Carlyle, you can enjoy both with an old favorite: Earl Rose bringing home “Begin The Beguine.” The Carlyle hotel has always been different, ever since it opened in 1930. Starting with its location on the quiet corner of 76th and Madison just off Central Park (a short walk from where all your favorite attractions are), this classically elegant property provides guests serene surroundings that are amplified by how close they are to Midtown’s hustle-bustling metropolis – but while most other hotels might seem stuffy or overpriced when you get there; The Carlyle feels more like home than anything else!

Amongst other hotels this is not just a place to sleep; it’s an experience. You can dance under the stars or catch some Zumba at midnight with total darkness all around you, but what makes this spot special? When I stay here, each room feels like its own little world,, and who wouldn’t love that!?

I’ve seen ebullient Alan Cumming performances and intimate Debbie Harry gigs in my time spent here – let’s not forget Mick Jagger still keeps himself nearby because he knows how much value there is behind experiencing something new. 

This is one of the most remarkable hotels with elegance offers luxurious accommodations with a hint of vintage charm. Customers will find mirrored hallways, brass wall panelings,, and lacquered wood flooring in the rooms; butterfly-shaped doorknobs as well as bouclé upholstery on chairs to make them more comfortable for guests who are visiting this hotel for business or pleasure alike! A new restaurant called Dowling’s has recently opened offering dishes such as steak Diane (a classic meal), carving carts available which allow you serve your dish right at tableside, just tell them what kind of cooked meats/fish preference when making reservations so they can prepare accordingly!! 

Doubles from $650

18. The Peninsula | Chicago

Photo: thepeninsulachi (IG)

It’s hard to beat the view from this spacious and luxurious apartment. With floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ll be able to capture every detail of your surroundings, but what catches your attention is how few people manage not only to fit into such an exclusive spot at once (unlike other high rise buildings) but also stay there for prolonged periods without being bothered or irritated by others around them! The blackout shades at the hotel are so incredible, they feel as though you’re wearing them yourself. The towels in this place? Believe it or not but they were handmade by teams of people who work hard every day to provide top-of-the-line service for their customers! And don’t forget about all those amenities, there’s an amenity drawer just waiting patiently behind each door until someone decides what he/she needs from home based on where he’ll be traveling next week. Spend one night at a peninsula hotel to get the best sleep of your life!

Doubles from $425

19. Post Ranch Inn | California

Breathtaking View from the Hotel | Image Courtesy – Post Ranch Inn

One could almost touch the great beyond from Post Ranch Inn’s iconic perch high atop a crashing wave, and be wrapped in front of such lush greenery that it feels as if you’re located somewhere else entirely. The Spanish settlers who first came here thought they had found some kind of portal into another world when they saw this place; today visitors share their sense magic with us while enjoying relaxing views or taking advantage of our onsite spa treatments at retreats like notation

Amongst hotels that stand in pride, this hotel stands proudly upon 1st Avenue just outside Big Sur city limits where Highway1 meets Route 101. This location was once home to many native American tribes includingThe Salinas Indians, whose territory extended south past Ventana Chapter House which sits conveniently close by adjacent to the post ranching. A stay at this luxury wildlife refuge is like stepping back in time to the Wild West. The 40 rooms are all either standalone cottages or tree houses balanced on stilts above the forest floor, with many having been completely renovated over recent months and years; they offer guests privacy but also provide them access for quick walks outside if need be! 

Doubles from $1425

20. EAST | Miami

Pool and Deck | Image Courtesy – EAST Miami

As one of the sleekest hotels, Blade Runner–an esque tower with a lushly landscaped 40th-floor rooftop bar stands out in this city known for beachfront resorts. This 352-room luxury property is nestled at the heart of Brickell City Centre designed by Miami’s Arquitectonica and overlooks downtown Miami from its position high up on PBD land (portions out). The elevator alone sets an airy tone that matches how you’ll feel once your eyes adjust to our stunning views – we promise there are no other words needed! 

The Swire Hotel is a modern Asian hideaway, with luxurious rooms and public spaces that feel like you’re in paradise. The lobby has an inviting atmosphere thanks to the color of its dark wood scheme as well as a metallic palette of gold-bronze earth tones on display for all guests to see (and sit). One might think they’ve walked into one their own private yachts while surveying this estate’s floor-to offering windows; there are no less than five bars located throughout the building which provide excellent views from their outdoor seating areas too!

Doubles from $359

21. Four Seasons Resort, Lanai | Hawaii

Mahogany Floored Suite | Image Courtesy – Four Seasons Lanaii

The only oceanfront hotel on the island of Lanai, this scenic property has been carefully restored to preserve its natural beauty. With a spa menu designed for people who enjoy golfing or horseback riding and an emphasis on celebrating regeneration overconsumption through sustainable practices like solar power generation as well water conservation efforts; it’s no wonder that Larry Ellison owns 98% percent (including) our accommodations here at The Grand Hotel! The resort’s clever design pays homage to the past while still feeling like it’s in modern times. With a full house, you’re able to enjoy your room with no distractions thanks to its Koshi-wood lattices and other Japanese influences that create an aura of zen indoors or out!

As one of the hotels with cabanas, this hotel offers you a perfect place to relax, with the lush gardens and fountains providing an oasis from your day of exploring.

Doubles from $1200

22. The Dewberry Charleston | South Carolina

Exquisite Interior | Image Courtesy – The Dewberry

The Dewberry’s founders, John and Jaimie Brown wanted to make guests feel at home. They did this by creating an environment that is both soothing yet modern with its focus on lightness – just as one would expect from looking up into the lush fig ivy trellis climbing upwards towards those first floors filled. The warmth of the cherrywood paneling is offset by unlacquered brass inlay, which provides a cool contrast to its warm hue. Guests will enjoy sinking into one of these leather high-backs while they’re here for an event or just relaxing! 

The Dewberry is amongst the best hotels and restaurants in downtown Charleston that has been awarded for its ambiance and service. The rooftop boasts stunning sunset views while the menu offers modern American cuisine with flavors unique to this location, such as olive oil fried artichokes or black pepper ceviche made from local seafood caught right off of your plate!

The sleek yet cozy environment will make you feel relaxed without being too formal; it’s perfect infimum Raider-like date night (or business meeting) where everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling out Of place.

Doubles from $550

23. La Momounia, Marrakech | Morocco

Le Churchill | Image Courtesy – La Mamounia

Looking up the green-tiled steps to this most bohemian of grande dames, one is struck by La Mamounia’s faded pink walls. Churchill was often wonted away from his suit and into watercolor brushes when he visited; McCartney wrote “Mamunia” (meaning “haven”) during a 1973 stay here while filming The Beatles’ movie Love wider than Life with wife Linda pop legend Richard Attenborough – who also starred in addition as executive producer used these very same bird feeders for the inspiration behind cinema classic ‘The Birds.’ 

La Mamounia has always been a curious mix of Art Deco, Berber, and opulent Moorish. It’s had numerous facelifts over the years—from 1946 to the current day with Parisian futurists Jouin Manku adding new cinema furniture in their latest renovation job that is sure not only impresses visitors but also tells you something about how they think aesthetically without saying much at all!

With its iconic square pool and sultry blacks, La Mamounia is one of the most photogenic hotels in Marrakech. But there’s also that Speakeasy bar with an Asian flair plus Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant where you can enjoy dishes created by one of America’s best chefs while watching people go about their business on this vast public space…

Doubles from $600

24. Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara | Arab Emirates

Luxury Garden Room | Image Courtesy – Qasr Al Sarab

If you are seeking dreamy hotels, you are at the right place. Qasr Al Sarab is a dreamlike compound that I always return to again and again. The fort-like building with its crenelated walls, watchtowers,, and horseshoe arches appear out of the dunes on one end and empty stretch for miles until it reaches another road where this magical vision begins! The hotel’s architecture and location are what make it so compelling. Every corner offers a discovery, from intricately carved ceilings to rare artifacts like the dagger displayed in one of their rooms for guests who want more than just comfort but also visual stimulation while they stay here! 

Doubles from $ 470

25. Lewa Wilderness | Kenya

The Hillside | Image Courtes- Lewa Wilderness

For 50 years, the people at Lewa have been working hard to create a model conservancy that emulates their success throughout Africa. With activities like communal meals prepared with ingredients from small farms and an outdoor pool accessible for all guests; it’s no wonder this community is one you’ll want in your itinerary when traveling across Kenya! 

When you think of Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a thirst for adventure. Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at Lewa Game Reserve where WillCraig rebuilding his bird plane and Anthony Bourdain can be seen riding in it during one episode off-camera! Other activities available here include horseback riding as well birding which provides stunning scenery plus there’s always time for newly made friends while enjoying some sunsets over landscapes unlike anywhere else around the world – especially if drinking G&Ts by sundown makes sense too since they’re so good. 

Doubles from $1400

26. Songtsam Lhasa Linka Tibet

The Restaurant | Image Courtesy – Songstam Lhasa Linka Tibet

The founder of this mountain compound was not satisfied with just one property, so he built three! This is one of the best hotels with architecture that is historical, with its restoration occurring right next door at Potala Palace. The wood used for floors and ceilings are from old trees that were spared during construction because they had been preserved in order build these elegant rooms today! 

What’s not to love about Songtsam Lhasa Linka? The hotel is so much more than just a place of rest; it also doubles as an embarkation point for your journey into the unknown. And what better way could there be than with locals who can help guide you on all those adventures that seem fitting given this region’s sacred nature like hiking around nearby mountains or setting up trips down south towards Basong Tso Lake (which I highly recommend).

Doubles from $197

27. Mandarin Oriental | Hong Kong

Man Wah | Image Courtesy – The Mandarin Hong Kong

The Mandarin is among the finest hotels that never slows down. It’s an institution in the same way Hong Kong’s unique identity has always been celebrated here, with its fast-paced lifestyle matching those of horses running around Happy Valley Racecourse and not even 20 months worth border closures caniers this pace! 

There’s a new bar called The Aubrey that is an izakaya, which means it has Japanese food. They serve up some really great cocktails in this relaxing atmosphere with dark wood paneling and jewel toned velvets on the walls as well as gilt framed paintings from artists like Claude Monet or Vincent van Gogh hanging around providing background noise to your conversation while you enjoy one if their tasty drink specialties such having fun trying out different types of drinks before deciding what flavor suits best for this evening!

Doubles from $330

28. Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur | India

Photo: umaidbhawanpalace (IG)

The golden sandstone façade of Umaid Bhawan seems sharpened by the Jodhpur sun—peeking across groomed gardens to city’s sky-colored houses from a plum position on hill just outside. This royal residence still holds occasional meetings and events for those who would like their stay here at this vast, unashamedly regal hotel will not be forgotten.  

The Dutch-style palace has a glorious blend of both Indian and Western architecture with its Art Deco style injecting notes into the structure. The large central dome seems intimidating, but it’s worth seeing for all those portraits that line up before you start looking at them closely

The old capital city was once home to many magnificent buildings such as this one which houses an impressive frescoes painting by Stefan Norblin known internationally among art lovers like myself because he also did graphics work on childrens books during World War II when Poland wasn’t allowed independence yet.

The sensation of being home is absolute as you walk through these doors and feel the warm staff in bright turbans welcoming guests to their Champagne breakfasts, raw-milk baths or folk performances on stage. You are worthy enough for this place that they provide such luxuries–that’s why it feels like heaven here!

Doubles from $700

29. The Leela Palace, New Delhi | India

The Qube | Image Courtesy – The Leela Palace

The luxurious chandeliers and gilt-heavy furniture overwhelms you with their sparkle with no doubt. Their thoughtful, old-school hospitality will make you feel like royalty. They’ll leave the rooftop pool open for lap swims after hours and their easy vegetarian food is to die for!

The Leela’s glitter game is strong and its new management has plans for this winter. They’ve partnered with a Japanese restaurant to create an EDM-oriented garden izakaya, or tapas bar siting on the banks of Marina Beach in Sea Green—a popular neighbourhood among young professionals who want access too culture without having pay full price at admission charges! 

Doubles from $250

30. Park Hyatt, Sydney | Australia

The View | Image Courtesy – Park Hyatt

What do you get when someone takes one of the most beautiful hotels in all Australia and makes it even more stunning? The Park Hyatt Sydney, that’s what! This luxury property is tucked beneath a bridge with views towards iconic places like CBD or Harbor Bridge. Every corner has been thoughtfully designed for maximum comfort–and there are no small accommodations here: All rooms come standard at 430 square feet (or larger), ensuring plentyof space to spread out during your stay. 

The living room at The Park Hyatt is a place where you can enjoy your day with views beyond Kirribilli Point and an oyster plate from local Sydney Rock. It’s also worth going for drinks in one of their gorgeous bars, like J Sheekey or Envy Restaurant which offer something different than what else there currently on offer nearby along domain road. 

Doubles from $770

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