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Watches of Switzerland Navigate Fiscal Challenges: FY24 Results Show Resilience Amid Global Headwinds, with US Operations Shining

By Elizabeth James

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Watches of Switzerland Group: Mastering the Art of Luxury Retail and Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities

The Watches of Switzerland Group (WOSG) has been at the forefront of the market’s recent transformations in high-end timepieces and jewelry. Even if the post-pandemic boom has faded, WOSG has proven time and again that it can adapt and thrive in spite of difficult economic times.

Financial Overview and Market Performance

For the 52 weeks ending April 28, fiscal year 2024, WOSG recorded flat group revenues and a decrease in core earnings and margins. Still, the business was able to keep its market share and advance its expansion plan significantly in spite of all these obstacles. Importantly, consumer mood is showing signs of improvement, which is a good omen for future growth.

Important financial points are as follows:

  1. Converted from reported to constant currency sales, overall sales were £1.538 billion, which is flat.
    Second, adjusted EBITDA was £179 million, a decrease from £201 million the prior year.
    Lastly, the adjusted EBITDA margin fell from 13.1% to 11.6%.
  2. A 33% decrease in statutory operating profit to £120 million

Analyzing Regional Performance

U.S.: The U.S. market has been a bright spot for WOSG, contributing 50% of the group’s total revenues. An impressive 11% increase to £692 million in US operations highlighted the company’s excellent expansion in this crucial sector.

Sales in the European Union and the United Kingdom fell 5% on a reported and constant currency basis due to adverse market conditions. The area’s total sales dropped to £846 million from £890 million the year before. Reasons given for the decline in spending included a general lack of trust in the economy and sharp price hikes. But WOSG thinks these pressures will ease in FY25, and the market is showing early indications of stabilizing.

Benchmarking by Product Type

High-End Timepieces: Representing 87% of group income, high-end timepieces have consistently been WOSG’s bread and butter. The good performance in the US was the main driver of this category’s 3% gain in constant currency terms and 1% rise on a reported basis.

Despite a 13% decline in constant currency and a 14% decline on a reported basis, luxury jewelry income did show some improvement in the last quarter of the fiscal year. Luxury branded jewelry outperformed non-branded goods by a wide margin in the fourth quarter, which was the best quarter overall.

Growth through Mergers and Strategic Expansion

Through smart acquisitions and showroom projects, WOSG is still investing in high-quality growth possibilities. Some noteworthy advancements are:

  1. In November 2023, we will acquire fifteen Ernest Jones shops.
  2. Roberto Coin acquisition, which will hasten the launch of the company’s premium jewelry brand
  3. Construction of flagship stores, such as the following: -Rolex boutique in London’s Old Bond Street -Audemars Piguet Townhouse in Manchester
  • An Atlanta, Georgia, Rolex boutique
    Plano, Texas, multi-brand store with Rolex as an anchor

The investments made by WOSG demonstrate their dedication to growing their physical presence and improving their range of brands.

Strategic Goals and Anticipated Results

No matter how bad things get right now, WOSG is still optimistic about the future. The company’s Long Range Plan objectives, including a doubling of sales and profit by 2028 and FY25 full-year guidance, have been restated.

Brian Duffy, CEO, took delight in the company’s achievements, saying, “We cemented our position as a leading international luxury watch and jewelry retailer and delivered further market share gains in both the UK and US, driven by our proven, differentiated business model.”

In summary,

Despite the increasingly difficult luxury retail landscape, Watches of Switzerland Group has proven to be resilient and adaptable. We are well-positioned to navigate present obstacles and capitalize on future growth potential in the luxury watch and jewelry market by utilizing our strong market position, expanding strategically in key countries, and investing in high-quality growth opportunities.

Investors and industry watchers will be keenly monitoring WOSG’s performance in the next years as the company carries out its Long Range Plan and adjusts to changing consumer preferences. The goal of Watches of Switzerland Group is to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the worldwide luxury retail industry through strategic expansion, brand collaborations, and increasing market share.

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